"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have found a lot of interesting information in game files recently. Beside leaks of upcoming skins and challenges, players who data mined the files found some data which indicates that a comet will hit Tilted Towers. Most players believed that it would happen on April 1 as an April Fools prank, but it appears that Epic Games could make it happen in a week or two.

Even though there are many proofs that a comet could hit and destroy Tilted Towers, the game developer might have some other plans for it. All the evidence players gathered points out at the destruction of the popular in-game city, and this event is something many players are looking forward to.

Removing Tilted Towers would probably make the game more balanced, but considering that it's a unique place on the map, Epic Games might decide to do something else with the comet that was found in the game files.

The comet in the game

One of the recent "Fortnite Battle Royale" patches changed the sky and players can now see a comet on it. While the comet is not moving, there is a theory that it will soon enter another phase and hit the ground. Patch 3.4 added many telescopes around the map that are pointed at the comet, which made many players believe the comet will play a big role in the game.

In addition, data miners have found a comet 3D model in the source files, and it looks like it will collide with something else.

Beside the data mining evidence, Epic Games added a dinosaur outfit a few weeks ago, indicating the extinction. Additionally, season 3 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" is space-themed, which is another good hint.

Lastly, Reddit user vigilancefoetracer discovered different patterns in controller vibrations. While many players believed that these vibrations were random, vigilancefoetracer translated them into Morse code, getting this message: SOS D 5 418. It's interesting that Tilted Towers are located at D5 on the map grid, and the 418 part most likely refers to April 2018.

When could it happen?

Some players predict that there will be more clues about the comet in the new game files. Epic Games will release another patch this week, and we might get some more hints with it. One thing is certain: If the game developer is really going to use a comet for an in-game event, it will be something big and will change the game.