Bethesda had announced the DLC entitled "Summerset" on March 21, but the company just released their gameplay trailer on April 2. The video showed off some of the new locations, creatures, and NPCs that will be featured in the new expansion that will take players to the home of the High Elves.

Take a look here:

What will be new to the game?

First of all, the DLC will grant access to a massive area, Summerset Isle. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series have not been able to play as their characters on Summerset Isle since 1994 in Elder Scrolls: Arena. This is the birthplace of the Altmer, and, while it and its beauty have been referenced in several installments of the franchise, it has always been a land of mystery.

The DLC also includes 30 hours of content, and, if the gameplay trailer is any indication, those hours will be set in beautifully designed location. This includes the continuation of the base game’s storyline and several regional quest lines. Players will also finally be treated to a quest line with the mythical Psijic Order, which will likely introduce players to entirely new methods of magic.

There will also be new additions to skills for PCs. The trailer showcases new spells, and it has been confirmed that several requested features have been added. Several players will be happy to learn that ESO will finally allow characters to craft jewelry.

What are the Summerset Isles like?

The land itself is described as lush and fertile, with settlements being isolated from each other and dotted by old and majestic structures.

The archipelago is made up of several islands.

The largest is Summerset, which still remains largely unexplored, even by its natives. Auridon is the second biggest and is the site of some key moments in Tamriel’s history, but for now, it will not be a playable area in the game. Artaeum is the third largest, included in the expansion, and home to the very famous spell casters that were touched on earlier.

For all the Dominion’s talk of superiority, they do not have that stable of a homeland. The Isles are historically plagued by provincial fighting, some which apparently make the Stormcloak rebellion look like a playground fight. Several settlements on the islands are ruled by whatever warlord is in control at the time, and the High Elves are plagued by generational differences.

Granted some of these conflicts occur later on in Tamriel’s history than the time period of ESO, but the islands have never been a peaceful getaway.

How to get the DLC

“Summerset” is going to be released on all platforms on June 5, but it is available for pre-purchase on ESO’s official website. The pre-purchase currently comes with some incredible bonuses.

Those who buy the DLC early will get access to the “Morrowind” chapter, which opens up the Vvardenfell area and the Warden class. They will also receive the “Queen’s Bounty Pack,” and that includes a unique mount, pet, and costume, along with other great loot.