"Spider-Man" is an upcoming PlayStation 4 game currently being developed by Insomniac Games that was first revealed during Sony's E3 2016 press conference. The trailer showed off plenty of gameplay and it looks like this is the closest we'll get to actually stepping into the suit of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The game was announced only for the PlayStation 4 and it has remained unclear as to whether the game will eventually see a release on other consoles such as the Xbox One.

Timed exclusives

A common trend in the video game industry is for a company like Sony or Microsoft to purchase timed exclusivity for a game in order to promote the console it is tied to.

However, it isn't always made clear as to whether or not a game is permanently exclusive to a specific platform and games that at first appear to be available only on the PS4, Switch, Xbox, or PC, can sometimes see a release on other consoles at a later date. For instance, "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" was a remaster of the first three "Crash Bandicoot" games from the PS1 and was released on the PS4 last summer. It seemed the remaster was only coming to the PS4 but it has recently been announced that it will now be coming to the Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this July.

'Spider-Man' is a permanent exclusive

Since "Spider-Man" was first announced at E3, gamers have been speculating as to whether or not the game will eventually see a release on other platforms.

It was also noted that developer Insomniac also created the Xbox One exclusive game "Sunset Overdrive" in 2014 so it didn't seem out of the realms of possibility that this new "Spider-Man" could eventually come to other consoles. Xbox fans will be disappointed to learn that it has been confirmed by Insomniac Games' official Twitter account that the game will "never" see a release on the Xbox One and it seems likely this also extends to the likes of the Switch and PC.

When a fan asked how long it'll be before "Spider-Man" comes to the Xbox One, Insomniac simply replied "never." It seems the only way to play this promising new game is via Sony's PlayStation 4.

Release date

Fans excited for the game have long been waiting for news on when they can get their hands on it and now a Release Date has finally been confirmed. "Spider-Man" is set to be released later this year on September 7, so you don't have to wait too long before you start swinging through the streets of New York and fighting crime.