League of Legends released a roadmap for 2018 a few months ago where they spoke about updates they were planning to work on throughout the year and changes they wanted to make to current champions. They explained the oncoming Irelia rework and revamp and what their general ideas for it were going to be as well as what they knew was going to change for certain. They also touched on creating a new marksman champion with ties to the Void, which ended up being Kai’sa. This month, they release a new roadmap continuing to update players on what to expect in the coming months.

Champions being updated

There are a few different well-known champs that will be getting revamped, according to “League of Legends” updates. Aatrox will be receiving more than a just a simple gameplay update, unlike originally planned. His base model art will be changed and reworked, and he will be receiving a few skin and art updates, though his animations will not be changed entirely. The focus will also be steered into getting him a new voiceover to bring him forward in a stronger way.

Akali will also be getting quite the update, mostly focused on her gameplay and abilities. It was made clear that “League of Legends” wants to keep her Shroud ability because it is what makes her particularly unique to other assassins in the game, but they press that they are making some hefty changes to the ability regarding making it more engaging for players.

She will continue to be a focused mobility champion, as they want to maintain her overall ninja theme and concept. Akali will also still maintain as a dual scaling champion, so it adds to her persona: a master of an array of weapons.

The familiar champions, Nunu and Willump, are being completely reworked as more childlike and silly, as their focus steers towards friendship.

Nunu is a champion that has not aged well within the “League of Legends” game franchise, and they are working towards making them much more light-hearted, which brings forth the question of how their gameplay is going to change. Nunu has always had a very straight-forward gameplay style and is not a particularly difficult champion to play.

New champion coming up

When it comes to new champions, “League of Legends” has made it clear that they will not be releasing as many new champions this year because they want to focus on creating characters that truly transform the game and are unique to play. That being said, they will be releasing a new champion that has ties to the ocean and water, similar to both Nami, Tahm Kench, and Nautilus.

The champion will supposedly be a support, which brings eyes directly to Nami and if the character will have any relationship to her. Her lore somewhat encircles the rest of the world, but there is room to create a new champion from it. Within the roadmap article, there is a thumbnail of what appears to be Nautilus’ helm.

The champion will have an aggressive play style, and it is interesting to wonder how “League of Legends” may create support from a darker angle.

What ‘League of Legends’ focus will be moving forward

The popular gaming franchise has been making an effort of working diligently to not only keep the game itself interesting and unique but to provide champions that create a further attachment to the players and the story. There are many new Releases to be an anticipated other than champion reworks and new releases. New skins will surely be joining us within the next month.