"Fortnite" continues to dominate the gaming scene, not to mention that it is also played by a number of well-known celebrities. That said, its community is pretty much aware by now that YouTuber/actor Logan Paul will be streaming the game soon, as he has already put up his own Twitch channel. Additionally, it looks like he might be doing a Ninja-Drake stream as he is planning to do a collaboration with another known rapper.

Collab in the works

In what could be one of Paul's recent Instagram stories, the YouTuber can be heard in the clip as he is having a video call with rapper Soulja Boy.

It may well seem that the team up is likely to happen as it is quite evident in the video that the rapper is down with the idea. Paul is quite serious about getting good at the game as it can be seen in one of his friends' vlog (Andy Altig) that he is starting to get hooked on "Fortnite." Also, the YouTuber has recently crashed his best bud Evan's Twitch stream. For the uninitiated, Paul owns a school bus dubbed the Cool Bus that has a striking similarity to the battle royale shooter's Battle Bus. That said, he revealed that since he's about to stream "Fortnite" on Twitch, he stated his plans of pimping his ride again to look like the one in the game.

He also revealed his plans on beating Drake and Ninja's live stream record.

However, this was already shattered by Spanish YouTuber elrubiusOMG, as he recently put up a "Fortnite" tourney that raked in a whopping 1.2 million concurrent viewers. Paul could have kicked off his "Fortnite" stream at an earlier date if it wasn't for a minor mishap that happened while building his gaming rig. Per his best friend Evan, both the motherboard and its video card were defective and need to be replaced.


Meanwhile, the gaming community has contrasting views about Paul streaming on Twitch. Top YouTuber PewDiePie expressed his thoughts about this, stating that one of the reasons why the Drake-Ninja live stream was a success is that the latter is extremely good in playing the game, combined with the popularity of the former.

Ninja also gave his two cents about it, stating that he wants to see if Paul is any good at playing video games. Summit1g, on the other hand, believes that the YouTuber could bring in more folks over on Twitch, adding that people should be using their business minds on this.

Paul hasn't disclosed a definite date for his first official live stream. Check out a video about "Fortnite" below.