The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal a new game Mode for the sequel's second DLC expansion, "Warmind." Bungie officially announced that the second expansion would launch on May 8 and it will feature an exciting new storyline, lots of Legendary and Exotic loots, weapons, armor, PvP contents, Leviathan raids, and more.

Video game retailer shop GameStop has leaked the potential plot of "Warmind" along with hints of a new upcoming add-on called "Deep Stone Crypt." Bungie is also preparing to launch free DLC maps in the Crucible as part of its season 3 game event and publisher will reveal more details about it on April 24.

New game mode leaked

According to GameStop's listing, the second expansion will feature the Guardians will team-up with Warmind Rasputin and Ana Bray to stop a rogue Warmind named Charlemagne from amassing an Exo army in Io to "march upon the Traveler." Players will travel to Site 8 in planet Mars, and they will encounter a new enemy called Crypt Exos.

What made the listing interesting is that it revealed a new co-op horde mode, "Deep Stone Crypt," and it will feature players working together to fight hordes of enemy units and bosses similar to "Prison of Elders." The new game mode will test the player's skill and teamwork in order to survive the number of enemy units as it becomes more difficult.

Video game fans are eager to wait for Bungie's announcement regarding "Warmind" on April 24 along with a full trailer showcasing its story, activities, and loots.

The expansion will also reveal new perks for the game's season 3 such as seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, Vault space increase, Multi-emote, Exotic weapon masterworks, Seasonal Vendor progression, Exotic Weapon Sandbox changes, Heroic Strike modifiers, and Nightfall Challenge cards.

Free maps coming soon

Bungie announced that players would have new free DLC maps in the game's Crucible whether they have the expansion or not. That means they can use the maps from the first DLC "Curse of Osiris" to the upcoming "Warminds" expansion.

However, players who planned to the free maps in Private Matches will have to purchase the content in order to gain access to them.

The DLC maps will launch alongside the second expansion on May 8, and Bungie will also plan another content development wherein they will feature weapons slot changes and weapon randomization.

Players are speculating if Bungie will have weapon loadouts back from how it was in the first "Destiny" title and more content will be announced in September.