"Fortnite" has been taking the gaming community by storm ever since its release and its developer, Epic Games, is not stopping at making the game even more fun with the introduction of new items. New items are introduced to the game almost every week so that players can try more exciting things in the Battle Royale mode. Sadly, not all of the items that "Fortnite" gets work the way Epic Games wants to. According to Forbes, a developer posted a statement on Reddit regarding the status of the Guided Missiles. Guided missiles will be heading back into the workshop until the developers figure out its next step in the future.

Guided missiles were imbalanced

The introduction of the guided missiles was supposed to be another way players could take out enemies and their forts from miles away; it was a step up from the regular rocket launcher. However, they were not as accepted as they were supposed to be. The idea of guiding a missile into enemy territory turned out to be an unbalanced experience. It was a very powerful weapon in the beginning but players used the missiles to their advantage and started riding on top of the missiles and riding across the entire map. According to Polygon, in patch 3.5, Epic Games decided to make a couple of changes to the guided missiles to make them less powerful, but instead, it caused an animation error in the game, causing "Fortnite" to temporarily disable the item.

After a lot of players commented on how imbalanced guided missiles were in the game, Epic Games has decided to remove them from the game until they can figure out what to do with them.

There is a chance that they will be reintroduced in the game, but it definitely won't be in the near future. Epic Games has to find the perfect balance for the item before it can work well in the game. For now, we can only reminisce about the missile riding fun we had with the guided missiles.

Other changes addressed in the last patch

Guided missiles may have been the headline for the last patch, but there were other things the patch addressed. Epic Games addressed an issue with shooting and it was essentially a bug that caused bullets to hit players instead of the walls they were hiding behind. Thankfully, Epic Games will be working on a fix for that in the upcoming days.

Epic Games also addressed weapon swapping, something that every "Fortnite" player talks about. Epic Games is still listening to the community for their feedback, but for now, they are sticking with the new equip times for the shotguns until they can fix the strength of the guns.