Super Mario Odyssey is one of those PC games that came out late 2017, it recorded great success, selling about two million copies within three days of its release. Despite this success, there are issues with this PC game that, if addressed, could enable it to do even better in 2018.

No failure in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey, power moons are not challenging enough for players to actually fail, or otherwise, the consequences are not great enough. There is no progress to lose, no lives to lose, and you can’t get lost because all the Kingdoms have maps with flags.

This enables you to easily travel from section to section. This feature makes the game uninteresting in the long run, players are like hunters who would always look for something to pursue, they fight to achieve a goal which is to win the game. A game is meant to task and activate the mind of the player, but this doesn’t come with the Odyssey video game. This game may be quite interesting for starters who may be afraid of losing a game quite unlike professional players. I believe Super Mario can still make waves in 2018 if all these faults are taken care of.

Hand holding issues in Super Mario

According to a report from Forbes, Super Mario users have already observed the awkward motion control of the video game, you play with two separate Joy-Cons.

Playing in handle mode gets things complicated that you will need to shake up the Pro controller to make certain moves, this is not really great because you can shake it out of your hands. At times the game may forget to tell you about some hidden input you can use to pull the controller off. This is one of the errors that make players get frustrated because they waste a lot of time shaking the pro controller.

Another issue is the spin throw which Mario uses to spin Cappy around him in a large circle, whipping out all the enemies. You can also pull this off by twirling around the left thumbstick instead of shaking the controller horizontally.

Super Mario Odyssey is a great game, but what could be the fate of this wonderful piece from Nintendo with the rest of PC games like Sea of thieves, Deadfire, Pillars of Eternity, World of Warcraft, and Battle of Azeroth coming up in 2018?

Mario has had a huge reception and garnered a lot of public confidence, players are still intrigued by the whole concept of this PC game. I believe a little touch on all the issues mentioned above will have a far-reaching effect and turn things around for this game in 2018.