"Destiny 2" developer, Bungie, recently revealed their new development roadmap, complete with an announcement for the game's next expansion. Simply titled "warmind," the expansion is expected to revolve around the Warminds of the "Destiny" universe, namely Rasputin. It will return players to the familiar red sands of Mars, providing new loot, story missions, PvP maps, and activities to master. The expansion releases May 8.

What's new in "Warmind?"

In their recent development roadmap, "Destiny" developers outlined lots of exciting changes coming to the game: the addition of Bounties, changes in Weapon Slots, and a new system of Weapon Randomization being some of the more interesting ones.

While these changes are set to go live later in the year, the development team also included a few updates that will arrive alongside the Warmind expansion.

Update 1.2.0 introduces new features, sandbox changes, and quality of life improvements. Nightfall challenge cards and heroic strike modifiers bring a new level of difficulty to existing content, while exotic weapon masterworks and sandbox changes provide boosts to players' rarest weapons. Along with these changes, improvements such as multi-emote or vault space increase, and private matches solve some of the players' most glaring quality of life issues.

The update will be implemented on May 8, the start of Season 3, alongside the Warmind expansion.

As of now, "Destiny" developers are hesitant to release any specific details about the expansion, but their recent announcement promises that the expansion will "send [the player] to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies." Players speculate that the expansion will reintroduce Rasputin, a galactic defense A.I.

with extreme destructive power; and Ana Bray, a mysterious guardian whose family is closely related to SIVA, a technological plague first introduced in the original "Destiny" game.

How will this change the current game?

Players have been looking forward to the second expansion, with much of the player base agreeing that there is currently a lack of content within "Destiny 2." Hopefully, the Warmind expansion will fill this content gap and provide long-lasting activities with high replay value.

Along with the expansion, Season 3 will offer new ornaments and gear for completing certain challenges within factions, new perk progression for clans, and lots of other updates (as stated above).

Bungie plans on revealing more in a Twitch stream that is currently scheduled for April 24. If this stream is anything like previous expansion reveal streams, members of the "Destiny" development team will show off new enemies, activities, gear, and areas. It's likely that they will also directly answer a few popular questions among the community. Until then, developers might drop a few hints in twitter posts or Bungie blogs, but obviously nothing substantial.