"Fortnite" players are as of late enjoying the recently rolled out weapon – the Guided Missile. Some have even devised ways to ride its projectile to snag those victory royales in the game. However, quite a number of players are beginning to discover a glitch rendering it a bit too powerful than it is currently perceived by other fans.

This made the Guided Missile more powerful

Redditor /u/nashiscashed recently posted a short clip showing the new weapon as they noticed that it keeps on spewing ammo. The video showed the character still has a missile left albeit the fact that he already launched the other.

His missile ammo remained at 1/1, and from the looks of it, the fellow enjoyed the glitch as he conveniently rained down missiles towards their opponent until they won the match.

Some members of the subreddit were a bit skeptic about such claims that one of them commented that another player might have been giving out ammo the whole time. The Redditor pointed out though that skipping two minutes into the video, he can be seen that he's no longer with his squad, but the glitch is very much evident.

Another one

Another Redditor (/u/Quickt_159) also experienced the same thing as it can be seen in the clip that they too spammed the ammo glitch.

He even asked other Redditors how it can be replicated, though none of them have the slightest idea. Players believe that the spamming might have done the trick while the one posted it reckoned that firing the weapon as quickly as possible could be the culprit. Other players commented that they also encountered this new bug that some of the claim that they had an easy win and even wiped out a couple of squads with it.

At the time of writing, Epic Games hasn't released a statement addressing the said issue.

Login and other 'Fortnite' issues

In line with this, players are also experiencing login issues as they are waiting in queue way longer than the normal.

The bug has affected a lot of players that Epic had to create a mega thread on their subreddit for players to vent out their frustrations. The game maker tweeted out though that they are already aware of it adding that they will roll out an update once they obtain more info about it.

Epic also pointed out that they are also aware of a couple of bugs that cause controllers to vibrate randomly and another one that prevents players from editing a structure that they just built. The devs are now devising a workaround for these issues. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: