The award-winning game of the year for 2017 at the GDC awards, was none other than "Overwatch". A game for teens and upwards.

This game is constantly changing to improve your gaming experience as well as adding to the story plot. "Overwatch" is a game that can be played on many consoles such as PS4, Xbox, Pc and etc.

Lately, streamers have been seen playing "Overwatch" and adding to the excitement in the world of entertainment.

Since there is no word from Blizzard when Brigitte will be released, "Overwatch" players are eagerly waiting for it.

Who is Brigitte Lindholm?

This female in knightly armor is another Character in "Overwatch" who was recently added to our team of heroes. She is also the third support character added to the game along with Ana and Moria.

Some people are saying that Brigitte can be considered to be the mini-version of Reinhardt, due to her shield bash, one of her abilities, that is similar to Reinhardt's dashing ability. This mighty hero uses her flail weapon to attack enemies at long range, dealing damage and knocking them away from her. When she uses her Ult., Rally, Brigitte is allowed to move faster and provides armor to her nearby allies that last until it's removed by damage.

Truly, a big help for a team that is trying to defend the point.

Onward to the battlefield

Yes, we are all excited about Brigitte coming into the fight but the questions are: What maps are the best? And what's the worst?

As you know, "Overwatch" has multiple maps that are related to each of the characters in the game. You can watch their origin stories on Youtube to get some background information on the characters as well as the map itself.

The best maps that Brigitte could be played in are none other than Hanamura and Temple of Anubis. For Temple Anubis, those tight corridors allow this support character to heal her teammates with little effort as well as allowing her to fight her enemies with her shield bash. In Hanamura, Brigitte can use her flail to knock enemies off the map or simply just away from the point, giving enough time for the team to get on and capture it.

Sadly, we all have that one map we hate in the "Overwatch" game. Can you guess which one it is? Yep! The one and only Gibraltar. It's just a total no-go unless you play as your friendly robot Bastion.

Are you ready?

Since Brigette is out for testing, we still don't officially know when our female support will join in the battlefield. If you read more and keep up with Blizzard, you may notice the small hints they have been giving about releasing another character sooner or later. But that's for another time.