Studio Wildcard has rolled out another installment of their Community Crunch as it teased what's up ahead in "ARK: Survival Evolved." The new blog post also previewed another creature that is slated to be buffed in its Dino TLC.

Parasaur getting quite a number of buffs

Wildcard has revealed that the Parasaurolophus (a.k.a. Parasaur) will be one of the creatures to be included in the TLC's second phase. Just like other prehistoric beasts that were previously teased for the TLC's next installment, the crested reptilian will also be getting both visual and ability buffs to make it even more useful within "ARK."

Per the blog post, the Parasaur will be getting an echolocation ability that notifies mounted players about nearby enemies, tames, and wild dangers within that area.

It will also have a so-called "loud vocalization" which is similar to the echolocation, though this has the power to ward off smaller creatures.

The post also noted that the creature will have the ability to fight smaller creatures like the Pegomastax, the seabird-looking Ichthyornis, and even as big as the Raptor. In line with this, the Parasaur is also slated to have the ability to attack while running which was not present in previous iterations.

Another neat ability that will be added to this prehistoric beast is sending off an alert to survivors whenever someone attempts at sneaking into their bases. Just like phase one's Procoptodon, the Parasaur will also have an improved base carry weight allowing it to bring more items with them.

That said, the Parasaur caps off the roster of "ARK's" TLC Phase 2 as the list includes the Spino, Argent, Sarco, Trike, and the Raptor. Wildcard also stated that the buffed versions of these creatures will be rolled out early next week for PC while console faithfuls will have this sometime in mid-April.

The game maker went on stating that they'll be informing console players about a definite release date as they get closer to submitting patches.

On Legacy Servers

Meanwhile, Wildcard has finally removed the low population Legacy servers.

They've replaced it through with new ones as the list of these fresh servers were also posted alongside the blog post. The devs even provided a link for PC players who'll be downloading a copy of these Legacy servers. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 legacy servers, on the other hand, will be available through Nitrado via their server admin panel. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: