Blizzard has just dropped another new Hero in its popular multiplayer game "Overwatch," and players are very excited about the much anticipated news. But committed gamers will know this isn't actually the first time she's being mentioned, fans were introduced to Brigitte Lindholm in a few digital comics in the past, and she also popped up in the "Honor and Glory" animated short last year.

The big reveal

Following multiple teaser trailers that gave us cryptic clues about the newest hero being a weapons specialist, players started speculating that the hero would be related to Torbjörn Lindholm, who in the game specializes in creating weapons.

After a few days of teasing, we are finally introduced to Brigitte Lindholm, a female engineer and part-time sidekick who fights to protect her allies on the front line. In the trailer she says, "I am Brigitte Lindholm – and I will be their shield." A seven-minute-long video was also released with details of the hero, giving some insight into her backstory and abilities within the game.

Brigitte Lindholm is welcomed as the daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm, who she spent years working alongside in his engineering workshop until she became an excellent mechanic that set her own path. She will be the 27th addition to the game.

What can Brigitte do?

Blizzard describes her basically as a protective character.

Using her custom-built armor in battle, Brigitte's ultimate move is claimed to be the Rally, which increases her speed, but, more impressively, provides longer lasting armor to others nearby. Alongside her other abilities such as Shield Blash and Flail, it is clear that she will become a vital element to defending the troops.

Brigitte is currently listed as only having a one star difficulty rating, so she appears easy enough to get to grips with in using to protect the rest of the team. Testing of the new hero is now available on the Public Test Region but developers have declared it will be available to the rest of the majority "soon."

But eager fans will be happy to know that that's not the only thing happening at Blizzard headquarters recently.

Also added was mad scientist Moira as a support character in late 2017. There have been gradual updates to the game with other content as well, including the Blizzard World theme park map and a good amount of upgrades to characters ready to purchase and unlock. No doubt more will be soon to come.