At less than a week old, "Farm Together" is a new multiplayer co-op game that is largely reminiscent of the uber-popular "FarmVille." Both games give players the ability to farm crops and grow livestock. However, "Farm Together" takes players one more step with Fortnite-ish graphics and a relaxed soundtrack.

'Farm Together' offers players high quality for low cost

"Farm Together" requires players to make an initial investment of only $14.99 on Steam; however, it doesn't yet charge for in-game content. Time will tell if they initiate micro-transactions.

The game allows players to begin with an initial small farm and expand the size as they gain levels. "Farm Together" allows players to access one another's farms and cooperate to develop farmland.

Players may restrict people who enter their farm through settings. Friends or random guests may visit, and anyone can help farm. The ability to build, plant, harvest, and buy and sell goods may also be restricted. This level of power allows players to work together while retaining creative control over their games.

The game is still in early access, but developers promise weekly updates and frequent bug fixes. Developer Milkstone Studios has made a handful of other games, such as "White Noise," "Midnight Bite," and "Pharaonic." None of their previous games have received the attention that "Farm Together" has in such a short period of time.

'FarmVille' lost popularity over time

"FarmVille" debuted in 2009 as a social networking game made by Zynga. It is similar to "Happy Farm," "Farm Town," and other video games like "Story of Seasons." The game popularity fizzled out despite frequent updates and sequels like "FarmVille 2," which released in 2012. Despite the thousands that networked to play through social media like Facebook, the game declined in popularity.

However, Zynga made millions of dollars on the game and continues to capitalize on the players who often pay for in-game content, although the game itself is free.

'Farm Together' grows in popularity through streaming networks

"Farm Together" is starting out on a strong foot with popular streamers on Twitch picking it up. With thousands of viewers, streamers like Lirik have spent hours playing, encouraging viewers to join him in-game.

Up to 16 people can join a player in the game to assist with developing the farm.

Many video game developers have started paying streamers to play games in a stream to build popularity. It doesn't seem that "Farm Together" had to buy streamers, though. People are genuinely interested in the multiplayer co-op and numbers are increasing daily.

'Farm Together' is cultivation creation

"Farm Together" promises to be 2018's version of "FarmVille" if developers keep moving forward as promised. The low-cost buy-in and multiplayer availability make it unique, and the high-quality gameplay will secure this game's longevity. If you're looking for a casual, lighthearted gaming experience, "Farm Together" is your ticket to cultivation creation.