The 1.1.4 Patch for "Destiny 2" was released on Tuesday morning, and with it, major changes to the sandbox, adjustments to The Crucible, and the hopes that it will address the many complaints players have been making about the game in comparison to its predecessor.

The "Go Faster" Patch has, as the name implies, made everyone faster. As discussed in Forbes, it was a common criticism of "Destiny 2," that in comparison to "Destiny 1," players felt it fell flat. Guardians moved slower, and weapons were less powerful. Characters will now automatically sprint when you request for movement, the mobility stat has been increased, and when Supers are active, sprint speed is automatically set to the fastest possible sprint speed.

It makes the infliction of death and mayhem easier, but, be warned, it means your enemies can easily turn those newly powered weapons back on you, too.

Upgrades to 'Destiny'

In a commentary video, Bungie Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamrick discussed Bungie's desire to buff weaker weapons with this update, rather than focusing on continuing to improve most powerful and popular ones. The update's goal was to, more or less, raise everything to the same level.

Damage has been increased for weapons across the board. All pulse rifles have seen PvE damage increased by 16 percent. Scout rifles, sidearms, and hand cannons have PvE damage increased by 15 percent. Submachine guns have a PvE increase of 10 percent, shotguns by 35 percent, and linear fusion rifles by 50 percent.

This addressed a complaint amongst players, that weapons in "Destiny 2" did not have the same impact as they did in "Destiny 1." Now, fewer bursts are required in order to take down targets. The "hero moments" Bungie promised with this patch have brought the excitement levels of "Destiny 2" up to match that of its predecessor.

(Stats taken from Bungie's patch notes.)

The revamped PvP arena

The Crucible has seen some changes as well, with quickplay matches extended to 10 minutes, respawn time decreasing from five to two seconds, and varied amounts received from power ammo crates. There have also been new penalty measures added for players who do not complete Crucible Competitive playlists.

The next update

The speed moves and animation changes have received a positive response from players, who feel powerful playing in the sandbox again. In his commentary (see above video), Hamrick asked, "What's the worst that could happen?" The question now becomes, will the success continue for the update scheduled in May? Can Bungie continue with this success? Hopefully, 1.2.0 will continue to invigorate player' experience in the sandbox. In the meantime, at least we can all have fun with those upgraded hand cannons.