'Destiny' was released back in 2014 and considered one of the most successful games from Bungie. At the launch, Destiny had only one Raid called 'The Vault of Glass' which was one of the reasons why this game got so much attention from the community.

After two months, Bungie released the first Expansion pack called 'The Dark Below' for Destiny. It came with a brand new raid 'Crota's End' and many new activities as well.

After that, three more expansions were released during the lifespan of Destiny. They were 'House of Wolves' — (this expansion was mainly focused on Fallen enemies with no new raid), 'King's Fall' — (this expansion included a brand new raid and many new activities like Court of Oryx), and the final expansion released for Destiny was 'Rise of Iron' and although this expansion didn't make up for the hype, many players enjoyed it.

'Destiny 2' Lifespan

'Destiny 2', without a doubt, was one of the most sold games in 2017. Bungie revealed it in May 2017. Everything about the game looked so much soothing to the eyes. More enhanced graphics, particles effects, 4k and most importantly, 60fps on PC. The story in this game was simply incredible. Players enjoyed every bit of the game's campaign. But, after players started reaching 'Power Level' capacity, they realized that there's absolutely nothing much to do after that. No more grinding, no endgame content. This was the time 'Destiny 2' started losing it's hardcore players. Bungie added 'Trials of the Nine' after a week of D2's release. This game-mode offered the most-competitive PvP (player vs.

player) experience in Destiny. 'Leviathan' is the first raid introduced in D2 along with Trials of the Nine.

'Sandbox' update

Yesterday, Bungie released a teaser showing what's coming in this 'Go Fast' update. This update will feature an increase in player movement speed, significant increase in supers/abilities recharge. If you've seen the commentary video from Bungie, you can tell how that 'Dawnblade Warlock' was bunny-hopping in Crucible.

It is the first step in the right direction. Many YouTubers and Twitch streamers are already excited about these big changes coming with this update.

Random Rolls and Weapon Slots

Recently on a Reddit post, Christopher Barrett (Game Director at Bungie), commented that 'Random Rolls' and 'Weapon Slots' are on top of their priority list.

He said 'I promise I’ll have definitive answers to your other two questions soon. Both the “random rolls” topic and weapon slots are extremely high on our priority list. We absolutely owe players answers to those'. This means that we'll be seeing these changes implemented into the game very soon. What do you think about this? Let us know in comments!