The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal new features for the "Nightfall Strikes" and a temporary ban system for rage-quitting players during a gameplay session. Bungie has discussed these features and they will add them to the sequel's next patch fix. The temporary ban system will be implemented on players who have a nasty habit of rage-quitting during competitive PvP modes and 'Destiny' fans are complaining to the developers about the lack of discipline for these players.

Bungie also announced that they are looking for a gameplay specialist to join their company and improve the sequel's gameplay features and updates for upcoming in-game events in the future.

Next patch update coming soon

According to Bungie, the next patch update for "Destiny 2" will "sweeten" each Nightfall Strike with unique in-game rewards for players. The new Nightfall Strike update is open for everyone, from organized fireteams to skilled solo players. Players must also determine their own skill level to conquer any difficult challenge ahead of them during the strike missions. The developers promised top players that their success in the strike missions will allow them to enjoy new rewards that will improve their statuses such as new loot, armors, and weapons.

Players can also increase their chances of winning by using Challenge Card modifiers to set higher personal best scores in order to gain higher rewards and rare loot.

Bungie revealed a temporary ban system for players who are rage-quitting during competitive modes.

Rage-quitters have been a huge problem for both gamers and developers as they often see one player or an entire team drop out of a whole session over losing. Bungie will launch the new ban system this week and it will allow them to ban players for 30 minutes in the Crucible if they try to consistently quit during a match.

Unfortunately, this could also mean that the player will lose a connection or a system lock if they are idle for too long in the lobby. Bungie suggests that, for now on, players should have a strong and stable connection, and be committed to finishing the match.

New job posting

Bungie posted a new job opening for a gameplay specialist position to improve "Destiny 2's features for upcoming in-game events.

The applicants are required test out new features and activities related to the game, and come up with new and fresh ideas to improve and expand it to keep fans interested.

The applicants are also required to have a wide range of experience in using the game's three character classes and teaching other players about its endgame activities. While the job is only for three months, the company will likely extend their contract if they have proved themselves.