If you live anywhere on earth, you've heard of "Fortnite." Athletes, rappers, celebrities, gamers, and regular people alike have had their free time consumed by "Fortnite." People who don't play video games have taken up the multiplayer survival game. But you probably have not heard of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," or "PubG" for short. Some people might describe it as "Fortnite Lite." Nonetheless, how do the two stack up?


Since there aren't a lot of numbers to show popularity, first we will look at Twitter followers. The "Fortnite" account (@FortniteGame) has 2.3 million followers.

"PUBG" doesn't even have an account, which may contribute to why no one knows about it. A quick google search of the words "Battle Royale" will show that most results (other than the ones about the 2000 film of the same title) are referring to "Fortnite." One of the first, however, is a Forbes article about "PUBG." The headline reads "PUBG is copying Fortnite Battle Royale, and that's a good thing." A clear insinuation that one of them is superior. This article from 46 days ago states that "Fortnite" surpassed "PUBG" in players.

If you have any form of social media, you've seen all the "Fortnite" videos and streams. What you won't see, however, are "PUBG" streams. Everyone is getting on Twitch or Periscope to stream their "Fortnite" games.

Rappers Drake and Travis Scott teamed up with gaming and YouTube sensation Ninja along with NFL wide receiver and social media star JuJu Smith-Schuster for a night of gaming. It quickly became one of the most popular streams ever.

For further proof of "Fortnite's" popularity, look no further than the mobile app. The creator, Epic Games, is being forced to roll out the app in waves.

Due to sheer popularity and fear of overloading servers, they have a waitlist for users to be able to download the app. It can take up to weeks before any one individual might be able to play. "PUBG" has an app that anyone can download right now if that tells you anything.


"Fortnite" has a cartoonish feel. It's animated, and it's supposed to feel that way.

"PUBG" is also animated (obviously) but with much more of an attempt to feel like it is real people. In terms of gameplay alone, they are exceptionally similar. In both games, your player begins on a flying bus and drops down with 99 other players onto a terrain to begin finding items to survive. There is a "safe zone" that shrinks every so often. You can be solo, or on a team.

Where they differ, however, is in how you survive. In "PUBG," you start with nothing, and I mean nothing. No clothes, no weapons, nothing. You pick up armor and wear it as you find it. In "Fortnite," you start with clothes on and a pickaxe. Part of the appeal of "Fortnite" is that it implements building. You destroy wood, brick or metal and gather it and can use it to build things of your own.

You also have more items available to you; guns, potions, traps, bombs, and even a bush costume.


"PubG" is somewhat bland and plain. "Fortnite" is like Minecraft merging with Call of Duty. Player vs. player, but with the ability to break and build with your pickaxe. There's also a (paid) version of "Fortnite" where a disease has stricken the entire world and you have to save what's left. Did I mention free? Yeah, the Battle Royale is free to play. "PUBG" is not free, and that fact alone is why "Fortnite" is better.