The "Destiny 2" fandom is going crazy as of late as Bungie just pulled off what could be the most insane troll yet – by letting Xur sell the Prometheus Lens. While the Trials has grown to become a deadly laser light show, a Brazilian Guardian finally made his way inside the rumored resting place of the legendary Exo-Titan.

What's inside?

A Redditor (COOKIEDARKLORD) recently posted a video of a "Destiny 2" player who went inside the alleged tomb of Saint-14. The minute-long video provided a more detailed look at what's inside the room including the state of the floating corpse.

The gameplay video belonged to a Brazillian player who goes by the moniker Novice Killer. Per the short clip, the player went on taking the Up and Up mission within the "Curse of Osiris" DLC. A soon as he entered Mercury's Dark Future, the player hurriedly went to the massive door where the body was located. Surprisingly, the once locked door is now wide open, though it was not shown how it came to be.

Once inside, it is noticeable that bodies of dead Vex are scattered all over the place suggesting that one heck of a fight transpired. The player managed to go near the floating body. However, a few steps back, the player received an error message signaling the end of the video.

Those who got to check the clip were left asking as to how the player opened the locked door since it is quite evident that this location in "Destiny 2" won't be opened until further updates are rolled out.

That being said, it can be recalled that there was an image of an alleged Saint-14 mission dubbed "Not Even the Darkness" whose objective is to locate the Exo-Titan.

Bonus chest and World First

Meanwhile, while they try to escape the Engine in the Eater of Worlds, a Fireteam has just discovered a bonus chest. Per the Redditor HateTTV, the team jumped off into the hallway where the mouth of the Leviathan is located. While falling, there will be six rings that are in red that they need to go through and these will turn blue once they passed through it.

Upon completion, the team got a "Calus grants a gift" message alongside a chest where they got a Legendary Engram that corresponds to their current power level.

In line with this, Bungie officially announced the World First Fireteam in the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair. In a recent tweet, the developer announced that TryHardJoe, bran, MikeE, Edwardc4, Meowlight, and SpRoKiTs24 are the first to emerge victoriously.

Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: