"Destiny 2" was released back in September 2017. From the start, players really enjoyed the storyline of the game. The villain Dominus Ghaul was the villain everyone was hoping for. The soundtrack and enhanced graphics are on point. But the main reason why "Destiny 2" started to go downhill was that after players reached the maximum power level, they realized that there's absolutely nothing to do after you hit the power cap. Players started complaining about how there's no end-game content to grind for like in "Destiny," and that was when "Destiny 2" started losing players.

Bungie introduced the first-ever raid into the game a week after the release of "Destiny 2" (along with Trials of Osiris). This raised the power cap to 380 and added new weapons, armor and other cosmetics to grind for. But sadly, many players didn't enjoy the mechanics of this raid as much as they did in "Destiny."

Sandbox update 1.1.4

Bungie just rolled out its first major update for "Destiny 2." In this update, they fixed many bugs and buffed many weapons. Now, this is something that's new in "Destiny 2" because in "Destiny" if Bungie wanted to fix a good weapon, they nerfed. But this time, they buffed all the underrated weapons so that they can be used along with other good weapons.

They also increased the speed of Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters and the recharge time was reduced from 6 minutes and 40 seconds to 5 minutes.

According to them, this will bring back the feeling of "Destiny's" fast-paced gameplay. One of the many reasons why everyone was hyped about this update was because Bungie is bringing back a favorite PvP game mode, Rumble. Rumble is a free-for-all that consists of 8 players.

New weapons and cosmetics

Bungie added a couple of new weapons, vehicles and ghost shells as part of this update.

According to DestinyPoint+, Bungie added 3 new weapons -- Silicon Neuroma, D.F.A., and Duty Bound. This is not all. They also added Trichromatica (ghost shell), Tilt Fuse (exotic sparrow), Impact Velocity (exotic sparrow) and Universal Wavefunction (exotic ship).

Machine guns update

Cozmo (community manager at Bungie) recently commented on a Reddit thread about adding Machine Guns in "Destiny 2."

This definitely means that Bungie will comment on this matter soon. Maybe during the Expansion II reveal? Who knows? What do you think about this update? Will this update bring back "Destiny 2's" player base?