Update 1.1.3 for "Destiny 2" has been finally rolled out and it introduced some new features into the game. Game buffs also discovered something interesting that hints at the upcoming second DLC of the game that is likely to be dubbed "Gods of Mars."

DLC 2 emblem

Players are pretty much acquainted by now about the emblem changes in the game. However, there are some who have dug a bit deeper in "Destiny 2's" database and discovered something interesting. Most of the emblems that went out were deemed legendary, though there is a common emblem that was spotted that is without a doubt linked to the game's next DLC.

"Destiny 2" player and YouTuber xHOUNDISHx also took notice of it as the emblem in question carries the name Carrhae alongside the warmind symbol. It was stated that the term was some sort of a protocol used by the Warmind Rasputin in times of danger. According to the YouTuber, Carrhae is an emergency condition which the Warmind may declare to assume command of all Solar System defenses.

He also believes that this item is something that can't actually drop in the game. This has been somewhat proven by a toy posting over on Big Bad Toy Store as it featured "Destiny" Ghost Generalist Shell Vinyl Figure. Part of the toy's description stated that the above-mentioned emblem will go alongside the figure which means that there could be a code embedded in the action figure.

TWAB highlights

Meanwhile, Bungie has rolled out another 'This Week at Bungie' blog post as it announced the return of the Iron Banner event and some tweaks in the Crucible. The latest blog post also contained some clarifications regarding Nightfall Scoring, Emblem variants, and NF modifiers.

The next Iron Banner is scheduled to go live on March 6 as the game mode will be Clash. Three new IB weapons will also be up for grabs (Jorum's Claw, Orimund's Anvil, and Orewing's Maul), not to mention that the Ornament Challenge progress will be carried over to this upcoming installment of the event.

Both Rumble and Mayhem are also slated to return in the game with the former getting some interesting changes.

Per the recent post, players will be earning a point for every opponent they eliminate. Bungie also revealed that Rumble will now be an eight-player free-for-all from its original six. Mayhem, on the other hand, will pretty much remain the same.

Update 1.1.4 will be rolled out on March 27. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: