Bungie has recently released an updated development roadmap for "Destiny 2" as it revealed that some of the upcoming features that were initially teased will be bogged down. However, the game's Sandbox team has been hinting at some weapon buffs that they are currently working on.

Buffs hinted

A few weeks back, Bungie's Jon Weisnewski tweeted something about an exotic update suggesting that both the Graviton Lance and Skyburner's Oath will be getting buffed. That being said, it is pretty much confirmed by Weisnewski in the succeeding tweets that the Graviton's Cosmology perk will be tweaked.

It was not hinted, however, on what buffs the Skyburner will be getting.

Wisniewski recently took to Twitter once again to reveal that the Exotic hand cannon – the Sunshot – is likely to be buffed as well. This made "Destiny 2" faithfuls a bit puzzled since they are well aware that this Exotic is already that powerful. Nevertheless, there are still some that would like to see this weapon turn into an absolute beast in the game. As posted on the development roadmap, these Exotic weapon updates could go live in either March (1.1.4) or May (1.2.0).

Staying put

While these above-mentioned Exotics will be tweaked in the coming months, there are some that will remain as is. These weapons include the Wardcliff Coil, Telesto, MIDA Multi-Tool, Legend of Acrius, the Colony, Vigilance Wing, and Merciless.

Bungie further explained that these weapons are performing pretty well even without getting buffed. However, the devs highlighted that the Vigilance Wing Pulse Rifle will be benefiting from the upcoming tuning tweaks that are slated for next month's update.

On Emblems and Auras

Meanwhile, Bungie also rolled out the latest installment of their This Week at Bungie blog post as it tackled the upcoming Emblem variants, Nightfall Strike Scoring, and the Prestige Nightfall Challenge Card.

The game maker also mentioned of aura changes alongside some inbound bug fixes.

Per Senior Design Lead Tyson Green, they'll be introducing an emblem that will keep track players' Crucible kills. He also revealed that they'll be "collapsing auras into emblems and removing them as standalone items." Green went on stating that some emblems will have variants come update 1.1.3.

Faction Rallies, on the other hand, is still ongoing and it looks like the New Monarchy could be snagging its third win. However, it's still too early to tell on which faction would emerge victorious in this latest installment of the said event. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: