The "Fortnite" hype keeps on chugging as Epic Games rolled out another update in the game. It is pretty much expected that this will continue as Upcoming skins and other cosmetics may have been leaked and are now making rounds on the web.

Legit? Or just some well-made hoax?

A couple of fans took to FortniteBR's subreddit to reveal some allegedly leaked images of what could be upcoming outfits in "Fortnite." It was stated that these are likely to be dropped in the game's Battle Royale mode, though this has yet to be confirmed by Epic.

Redditors who have posted the images claim that these were taken from that takes note of the items that graced the "Fortnite." Some of the stuff that were spotted include:

  • Radiant Striker outfit
  • Brilliant Striker outfit
  • Rogue Agent outfit with Catalyst back bling
  • Burnout outfit
  • Rex outfit with Scaly back bling
  • Empire Axe pickaxe
  • Pick Squeak pickaxe
  • Tactical Spade pickaxe
  • Make it Rain and Reanimated emotes

These are pretty nifty items if these leaks were indeed true.

Otherwise, this is one elaborate and well-made hoax.

A ton of updates, tweaks, and bug fixes

Meanwhile, update v.3.1.0 officially went live as it ushered in additional contents to both Battle Royale and Save the World modes. Patch notes for this update also detailed some bug fixes including some drop rate adjustments on some weapons in BR. STW also received new items which include the Dragonfire Auto-Shotgun, the "Brave Beginnings" questline, and the Impulse Grenade.

Part of the update featured the no scope Hunting Rifle (BR). For the uninitiated, the weapon was a last-minute replacement for the Jetpack as Epic pulled out the said back bling due to some flaws.

In line with this, the game has been recently plagued with server crashes that have irked a lot of players. As a result, Epic released an emergency update (V.3.1.1) to resolve such issue. The patch did not require downtime, though they've advised the community to restart the game for the fix to take effect.

The developer also dished out a Twitch Prime Pack that featured a couple of new outfits (Sub Commander and Havoc), a back bling (Backup Plan), a glider, and some Twitch chat emotes.

However, it was met with a bit of confusion as to how players can actually use these items. That being said, Epic posted the mechanics and some FAQs on how the community can acquire the free content. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: