Upcoming changes and events are bound to drop in "Destiny 2" with the announcement of Crimson Days and the latest installment of This Weeks At Bungie being rolled out. The latter has revealed a hefty sum of tweaks that will be implemented into the game to somehow resuscitate its badly beaten state.

All about Strikes and Social

Per TWAB's latest blog post, this month's update is bound to introduce Nightfall Scoring as they pointed the goals of this new scoring rules include:

  • Avoiding over-emphasized mechanics so that the community will be the ones to determine which Meta is better.
  • Rewarding players for taking on "greater challenges," engaging and taking down enemies, and completing the activity in a speedy manner

Additionally, they stated that such move will allow players to achieve "something prestigious" during the weekly activity, not to mention kicking the difficulty up a notch.

The developer even detailed the new mechanics for this tweaked scoring system which as follows:

  • It will be a team-based scoring system
  • It will be driven by both kills (primary) and orb generation (secondary)
  • Score decays over time
  • Scoring cuts off after certain time thresholds

This month's update will also introduce Nightfall Modifiers as these will implement a multiplier bonus to players' score on Prestige Nightfall. Game Designer John Favaro detailed the first wave of modifiers that will be dropped on the upcoming update:

  • Extinguish – fireteam wipes return the team to orbit
  • Power Modifier – voluntarily nerfs a player's power in exchange for a score bonus
  • Void/Solar/Arc Singe – rolls out a 25 percent buff to both enemy and player damage of the corresponding element.

Loadout Mode

Meanwhile, Bungie's Senior Designer Joe Blackburn revealed that all raids will have a normal mode at all times adding that there will be a so-called curated loadout mode in one of the raids/Raid Lairs every week.

He also stated that the feature will be released alongside the next DLC (Gods of Mars) in May.

It was good while it lasted

The latest TWAB also announced that the Lost Sector chest/Token glitch – where players can harvest as many Faction Token as they can – has been finally fixed. Bungie pointed out that the chest may still appear after it was already opened, though players may no longer open it again.

Reward throttles were also removed from Lost Sectors as they've deemed it to be a "poor player experience."

This Strikes and Social update (1.1.3) will go live on February 27. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: