Studio WildCard has officially released the first phase of the Dino TLC for "ARK: Survival Evolved." The first TLC Pass was rolled out alongside the patch notes for the version 278 update and other upcoming events and contents for the game.

Dino TLC Phase 1 is live and it's awesome

The TLC Pass has revealed the final renders of the five updated creatures in "ARK." The appearances were made more refined as compared from the ones that were initially previewed, not to mention that their movements were more fluid as it was shown in the latest video.

In line with this, the latest Community Crunch (118) has previewed another creature that will be tweaked in Dino TLC's second phase.

Known by the community as Sarco (Sarcosuchus), the prehistoric croc has been requested by "ARK's" player base to receive a much-needed update, since it was one of the earliest creatures in the game.

Sarco's turn

Per the blog post, the Sarco is a natural Piranha deterrent, making them essential companions when traveling through swamps and rivers. Players will be needing fish meat as a taming requisite, not to mention that it will don a "toothy grin" while resting. This massive croc will also be getting three new attacks which are:

  • A 180-degree attack where it can attack a prey/enemy directly behind itself
  • The Death Roll
  • A lunge attack that enables them to take its prey by surprise

Primitive Plus fans, on the other hand, are a bit irked about the scarcity of contents within the game segment.

This will soon change, as Wildcard revealed that they'll be introducing new content to the map, adding that it will be dropped alongside the second TLC patch in March.

Under a love spell

The Community Crunch also announced an upcoming limited time event that is slated to go live next week. Dubbed the Mate Boosted event, creatures will be somewhat put under a love spell as these Valentine-themed effects will be noticeable in the game:

  • Wild creatures sporting shades of red, pink, and white will be rampant around the ARKs as they search for their perfect match.
  • Chocolate Cakes will have a five percent drop rate whenever Tames mate. This pastry treat will advance the creature's affinity bar by 50 percent, not to mention that it can also be used for a full heal.

Additionally, servers that will be using the command line "-vday" will be getting these bonuses:

  • Mating speed and recovery will be buffed 3x
  • Baby food consumption will be brought down to just 1/3
  • Mate Boosted range will be doubled
  • Both Egg Incubation and Creature Maturing will be sped up 3x

This Valentine event will go live on February 13 and will be up for 48 hours. In the meantime, check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: