Earlier this month, Studio Wildcard shared some details about Dino TLC's first phase which they plan to release in "ARK: Survival Evolved" next month. The game maker recently rolled out another installment of their Community Crunch blog post as it showcased some tidbits of the TLC's second phase.

Dino TLC phase 2

Community Crunch 116 has teased a couple of "ARK" beasts that are bound to be tweaked in the Dino TLC. Wildcard's Community Manager Jat stated in the blog post that they've been reading the community's suggestions and feedback on what creatures need to be modified.

He further explained that they've included "ARK's" player base in the decision-making process as they found it to be beneficial on both ends. He also pointed out that upcoming function changes on these creatures might nerf some of their aspects in the game. However, he assured the fandom that whenever such thing happens, they'll be adding it "through another dimension."

The prehistoric buzzard – Argentavis (a.k.a "Argy" or "Argent") - has been revealed to be getting a new saddle with weight reduction attributes on certain materials especially with obsidian. It was also stated that players will have the ability to craft some items within the saddle. The blog post added that the massive avian will have a quicker health regeneration provided that it consumes a dead prey.

A couple more passengers can now be accommodated by the huge bird by the time Dino TLC goes live. It was stated that the Argent will be grasping its heavier load in its talons while the lighter one will be placed on its beak.

With a build that can match that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Spinosaur (Spino to most "ARK" players) will also be getting quite a buff. Per the blog post, it was announced that the reptile's stance will be improved further as it will be able to move in both bipedal and quadruped manner. Nonetheless, it added that on a quadruped stance, the Spino will be a lot quicker, though the creature's damage will be buffed while walking on two legs.

Additional buffs like health regeneration, movement speed, attack damage, and turning radius will also be given provided that the Spino fights in the water. These will be in effect for quite a while even if the creature has already exited the water.


Meanwhile, game developer Snail Games – known for its "Taichi Panda" mobile game – has revealed its next game dubbed as "PixARK." The upcoming game is like a love child between "ARK" and "Minecraft" where players are expected to survive a dino-filled island. Just like "ARK," players can also build bases/shelters, hunt, craft items, and grow/harvest crops.

Per its teaser trailer, the game's early access will be rolled out to both Steam and Xbox One in March. The game will also support the Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 (not yet sure with PS4 Pro).

"ARK: Survival Evolved's" Dino TLC Phase 1 has a target release date during the week of February 18. Check out a video about the game here: