Now we have got the latest news for all the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox fans. It is found that the cost of the gaming on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox console can be raised high, but we can assume in the long run that this news could appear to be very successful.

With a new study, it has found that people love to play video games on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Ps4 and Xbox console just to relieve from the stress. The prices of the latest games on all leading video game consoles seem to be rising high. As it is the part of DLC and different other add-ons, game lovers will get good news too.

Ratio of video game lovers in different aspect

A new survey has perceived that a huge number of people who are game lovers, use their leisure time to help alleviate stress. Dave observed more than 1000 gamers (age between 18 to 30) of the fully new Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit (comedy series). This returns at 10 pm on Monday 12th February.

55% of people like to play video games as it helps them to reduce stress after a period of work tension. If we consider it with another aspect, it can be found that 47% of a number of people play video games to win the game, as it puts a positive effect on their real life.

Statements of Luke Hales on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One console games

Luke Hales who is the general manager of a famous TV channel named Dave, said that "We have loved following stars walk together and release their competitive nature across the famous three Dara o Briain's Go 8 Bit series".

From the report of the survey, some incredible facts have been revealed, and that is the positive benefits and good impacts of getting the team up with each other for a game related session. It is revealed from the collected data by other researchers that three out of five people who love to play, join friends or they build a ‘clan’ to play together.

Hales also said, “For those people need support, as an interesting hobby gaming can provide confidence gaining strength which may be missing in other parts of lives.”

“It is the interesting thing to interact with those people who have interests in similar fields, like to make friends and socially active, but often this kind of hobby or pastime presents by the media in terms of negative headlines.”

Improving technology of video games

On 12th February Monday at 10 pm season 3 of British comedy panel game ‘Briain’s Go 8 Bit’ starts only on Dave TV channel.

Now it is available on UKTV Play. From this news, we can assume that all these things will get more digitalized in the future.

Statement of EA’s CFO on the necessity of games

Blake Jorgensen, EA’s Chief financial officer, told few lines on growing number of game lovers who download their favorite games of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles.

From this whole news and report, it is noted that 60% of surveyed people consider game playing is a vital part of social life. The best stress relief games are an adventure, action, shooter and puzzle games.