"Overwatch" is a popular game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, which has been very successful. Despite there being new games to play like "Fortnite," individuals should not forget about "Overwatch." The studio has done a tremendous job in terms of adding new content to the game since its release.

Now, let's welcome the addition of the Hero. There will be yet another character added to the game, Brigitte Lindholm. Information regarding the abilities of the hero and when she will be available to play can be found via Polygon writer Allegra Frank.

Who is Brigitte Lindholm?

Brigitte is the daughter of hero Torbjorn Lindholm and is used for support. She has worked for her father for many years in engineering and is a skilled mechanic. Gamers will be able to use her for defense. She is not the only child of Torbjorn, but one of the most skilled surely. Brigitte Lindholm was shown off "in digital comics as well as the short animated film called "Honor and Glory" from last November." Now, players will be able to play as the defensive hero.

When will she be playable?

The new hero will be available to play today to test out on PTR. PC gamers can experiment with the latest addition as well. Blizzard has added other heroes such as Doomfist and others throughout its inception into the gaming world.

The article by Polygon lists that the hero will be the 27th hero added to the game. However, she is the first hero added this year.

Gamers have plenty of characters to use and experiment with on the battlefield. What has made the game so terrific is the freedom to use many different heroes with unique abilities and powers. It seems that Brigitte will be used as a defensive hero in the game.


Blizzard has announced the large set of abilities that Brigitte possesses in her arsenal, as listed in the article.

  • Rocket Flail: A melee weapon that can be used to strike enemies "with a single swing. It is said to have extended range."
  • Repair Pack: This one is simply a pack that can be used to heal allies, but it also provides armor if the individual has maximum health.
  • Whip Shot: This is the frail that can be thrown at "a long distance, dealing damage and knocking an enemy away from her."
  • Inspire: When the frail hits enemies, it also heals nearby allies.
  • Barrier Shield: This is a deployable energy shield that just absorbs damage.
  • Shield Bash: With the shield deployed, "Brigitte can dash forward to stun an enemy."
  • Rally: This ultimate ability is a powerful one that lets the hero move faster and provide nearby personnel on the same team with armor.