Jeff Foxworthy says that he's made more people laugh than anyone on earth. While that claim can't really be fact-checked, what is known is that Foxworthy has sold more than any other comedy-recording artist in history. Maybe that equates to more laughs? And now, aside from being a multi-Grammy Award-nominee, and author of dozens of books, Foxworthy can add "game inventor" to his resume. Recently, Foxworthy launched his new Party Game, "Relative Insanity" with games partner PlayMonster. My prediction is that he'll soon be racking up even more laughs.

Party time in New York City

Looking suave in his best denim and boots, Jeff Foxworthy debuted his uproarious new game on Presidents' Day at The New York Toy Fair with games partner PlayMonster. The crowd was a mixed bag of international media, US consumer media, toy influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers. The ever-funny and friendly Foxworthy approached the crowd with relatable jokes and talked about how he came up with the concept for the game.

"I've been a comic for 34 years. I've always loved to make people laugh," said Foxworthy. And it seems his family is right in the thick of it! "We have one of those families that are really close, so every year at Thanksgiving, we have about 30 family members staying at our farm—all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers—and we play games for days straight.

Two years ago, I heard the kids playing an edgy card game, but had to shoo them away because there were aunts, uncles, and grandmas nearby. I told my kids that they can't be sayin' this stuff around them. Later that night, I was thinking to myself that there's got to be a way to play a fun game that the whole family can enjoy, without being totally offended."

It was then that Foxworthy decided to make up his own game, using his own brand of humor!

"So I went off and wrote probably a thousand punchlines on index cards. And these punchlines could be matched up with different set-up cards. I was thinking that if a game is fun, it can be played over and over again."

Punchlines that are pee-in-your-pants funny

Using the same index cards with punchlines, plus set-up situations to match, Foxworthy says he tested the game with his family during the next Thanksgiving holiday.

"The results were insane," he said. "They were gut-laughing. And as a comedian, that's what I was after. I wanted to create something for people to have fun playing with their families and friends."

Let's play

Foxworthy designed the game with comedy material, mixed with sitcom-like set-ups, that lead to wacky game situations. It all revolves around crazy relatives. Gameplay goes a little something like this: each player is dealt a series of punchline cards. As one player reads a set-up card, other players look for the "punchline" that they think will get the most laughs.

Foxworthy played around with the crowd at Toy Fair. The set-up card was: "When granddaddy got out of the tub and walked into the living room naked, my sister said…" Players threw in punchlines:

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"That thing has seen better days."

"It smells like something died in here!"

"I like big butts and I cannot lie."

"Who has pain pills they don't want?"

"Don't look at me, it was the dog!"

The reader of the set-up card (in this case, Foxworthy) decides whose punchline is the funniest to win the round.

Crazy-good cohorts

After developing the game, Foxworthy sent it to PlayMonster on the advice of his brother Jay. PlayMonster's Chief Fun Monster, Scott Flynn, has known the Foxworthy family for years, and really appreciated the humor. "I also grew up in the South, close to the Foxworthy family," said Flynn. "His comedy has had a place in our household since he's been in the business, so I totally related to it when I read through the cards."

Flynn and the team at PlayMonster say that the best part of Jeff's game is that everyone can identify with it. Everyone has a crazy relative. If you don't think you do, then chances are it's you! And while some of the situations in the game are outrageous, we can all find a little truth in the family antics!

Foxworthy confirms that he's really enjoyed working with the PlayMonster team on this project. "I've been in show business for a long time, and I've given people scripts that always come back looking nothing like what I gave them," Foxworthy said. "But when my game came back from the PlayMonster team, it was the same thing that I had given them. It was so refreshing!"

Let's get this party started

The Relative Insanity game is available now on Amazon for $24.99. The game comes with 100 set-up situation cards and 400 punchline response cards, creating endless opportunities for laughs! For 4 to 12 players, ages 14+.

"I think every family is crazy," said Foxworthy. "We don't want to admit it sometimes, but they are…and it's what you're stuck with."

The best part? You can't help but hear Foxworthy's voice in your head reading the cards as you play!