2017 was a good year for gaming, but this one is looking to outdo it for sure. However, 2017 did have an array of unique consoles arrive like the Nintendo Switch, Super NES Classic, and the Xbox One X. There are a bunch of anticipated games coming out on various consoles: here are eight.

'Crackdown 3'

An Xbox exclusive that is hitting shelves in the Spring of 2018 has gone through a string of delays and will be a hit game for the system. An article from GameSpot says that "Crackdown 3" will "feature immense levels of environmental destruction in an open world -- an evolution of the previous games in the series.

This game will be more unique but will have a similar story to the first game. The game will explore what comes with being a superhero with a lot of abilities and skills. It will be a fun game to play as Xbox fans will be looking forward to playing.

'God of War'

This PlayStation 4 exclusive is going to make noise in the gaming world with the return of Kratos, and, this time around, his son. It will be a different adventure filled with Norse mythology. It will be a departure from the past games involving a different combat system, story, environments, and enemies. "God Of War" will be one of the biggest PS4 exclusives to come out on April 20th of this year. Fans of the series and other PS4 owners cannot wait for this game to arrive.


The reboot will be arriving on the PS4 exclusively, brought by famous studio Insomniac Games. The superhero is in the right hands with the creators of "Ratchet and Clank," and "Resistance." What fans will hope to get from this game is fun action, slinging across buildings, an intriguing set of villains, a great story and side missions.

From the look of the trailers at E3 and others, the game looks amazing, as it is set to come out sometime this year.

'Sea of Thieves'

A pirate adventure coming out on March 20th, the game sports a beautiful environment with an open world focused on multiplayer-driven action. It will be in first person with a nice cartoonish vibe to it.

"Sea Of Thieves" will also be available on the PC.

'The Last of Us Part II'

This game will be the sequel to one of the best games ever created. The first game brought an incredible story, great combat, and a multiplayer component. "The Last of Us Part II" follows a different formula seemingly driven by revenge behind familiar protagonists Ellie and Joel. PlayStation fans will be getting a hold of this sequel. By the look of the trailers, the game looks promising with its story and will definitely have good combat. There is no set release date quite yet.

'Days Gone'

It's another PS4 exclusive that will feature a zombie apocalyptic world. People might be thinking yet another zombie game, but this one is unique with different types of enemies and stealthy combat.

The game will revolve around one man trying to survive in a chaotic world. There is no set release date yet, but it will be releasing sometime this year. This game could be a sleeper hit.

'Red Dead Redemption 2'

The next game will be following the very successful western game. "Red Dead Redemption 2" will take place right after the first one. The studio recently announced that the game will be arriving on October 26th of this year. Rockstar Games will be looking to create another stellar game, and, by the looks of it, they will come through big time. The game will arrive for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

'Detriot: Become Human'

The game is notably being created by director David Cage and developer Quantic Dream, best known for "Heavy Rain." "Heavy Rain" was a satisfying thriller where decisions made influenced the outcome of the game.

And "Detriot: Become Human" is another unique game focused on character-driven choices with plenty of freedom. Each choice the player makes matters. Important decisions can lead to life or death. It also is going to take place in the future with robots and it follows the journey of 3 specifically, but the game will only be on the PS4 system.