The title for the next "Pokemon" movie has been officially revealed. According to new reports revealed by ComicBook, its title will be "Pokemon: 'Everyone's Story." The Film title came along with its first full preview of the upcoming and anticipated film. The new film teases some new characters in some scenes as well as the major starring role for Lugia, the Legendary Pokemon from the Johto Region.

It is shown by the new Visual for the movie, in which it features Ash's new design along with another great look and appearance of Lugia in the upcoming film.

What to expect in the upcoming film of 'Pokemon?'

This film follows the story of Ash being introduced into the universe of "Pokemon: I Choose You." It is worth mentioning that this time, Ash hasn't met any of the old friends he did in the anime canon. He has had adventures similar to the anime version, but really different as he interacts with Pokemon across too many generations. Because of Lugia's involvement in the sequel, many are guessing whether or not the movie would reboot Ash's adventures in the Johto Region as well.

Other new and great characters are also coming in the new film

The "Pokemon: Everyone's Story" movie welcomes new characters like Risa, a trainer with an Eevee creature, Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, and Torito and his Chansey.

It also introduces the mysterious girl Rarugo, and the old woman Hisui. The new cast includes Rica Matsumoto as Ash, Ikue Otani as Pikachu, Megumi Hayashibara as Jesse, Shinichiro Miki as James, Inuko Inuyama as Meowth, and Unsho Ishizuka as the movie's narrator.

This movie will be officially released on July 13 in Japan. According to reports, an international release will likely follow in the late fall.

Pokemon fans in the USA are reportedly going to be the first to be able to see the movie in the cinemas when it is released globally.

The direction of the movie ''I Choose You'' was carried by Shoji Yonemura, and it is the 20th film of the series in the franchise. It was first released in Japan in July 2017 with a theatrical run worldwide in November.

Later, it had its English language broadcast premiere on Disney XD November 25. It is scheduled for a February 2018 release on home video.

The film got great nostalgic nods for those fans who have been following the series since its initial premiere in April 1997. The film even features characters from the first movie of the franchise, "Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back."