This year alone has been a spectacular one for games, with more on the way. "Fortnite" has been a very popular game, but people have not forgotten about "Overwatch." "Overwatch" is another popular multiplayer game with addicting gameplay and pure freedom.

Like "Fortnite" one of the elements for both games being so terrific is the constant changes to balance the game and keep competition alive. Here are the details on the new Update to the multiplayer shooter.


The information throughout this article has been obtained through an article by GameSpot by writer Chris Pereira.

The character will be getting significant buffs. One is the duration of her freeze ability which will increase from 1 second to 1.5 seconds. The alt-fire for the weapon she uses will be getting a few additional shots to defeat enemies. Overall, Mei is a great option to use to defend objectives and freeze enemies. Blizzard is hoping that these changes make her stronger.


The hacker will no longer be able to charge up her ultimate through hacked health packs. Sombra will now earn her ultimate power by defeating enemies like other characters. Blizzard has chosen to make an improvement to her with a longer duration to the translocator.

Other improvements to the hero come in her hack ability taking less time to use and affecting enemies in different ways.

According to the GameSpot article: "when hacked, Genji loses the ability to double jump, while Pharah can't use her hover jets. It's not confirmed that these effects will make it into the live game."


And lastly, Doomfist's weapon will recover ammo more quickly. Doomfist is a powerful character that deals a lot of damage to enemies.

The change will help players that use him. This update was taken away after experimentation, though. The update mostly goes into balancing different heroes and improving some of their unique powers. Other characters have not been ruled out, with possible changes coming to Hanzo, Symmetra, and Torbjorn.

Blizzard has made many changes, but they are looking to make more to balance the game and keep competition competitive.

The changes are still in effect and are being tested. There is no confirmation if these proposed changes will arrive on multiple platforms. They can either be eliminated or added with tweaks as a result. The update hopes to bring stability and make other heroes better, while balancing others.