"Fortnite" Season 3 is officially out and has ushered in more tiers for its player base to grind for. Alongside these new cosmetics is an emoticon that recognizes a well-known Streamer for spreading some good vibes while playing the hilarious third-person shooter.

'Open bracket, plus sign, close bracket, let's go!'

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber CDNThe3rd (Ceez to his fans) recently got the surprise of his life when he found out that he is recognized by the game he loves to play. This happened in the form of the new Positivity emoticon "[+]" which has been his signature logo as a streamer.

A few days ago, Ceez went live on Twitch where he checked on the new tiers of "Fortnite's" third season. By the time he reached page six of the new Battle Pass, he immediately recognized his logo turned into one of the game's emoticons. This made him ecstatic alongside a fellow player (Dark) which can be also heard during the stream. His chat box pretty much felt the same way as congratulatory messages from fans scrolled up insanely fast.

He even made sure that the new emoticon was indeed dedicated to him as he checked the emote's description. True enough, the description reads "have a phenomenal gaming experience" which is his famous catchphrase.

Another famous streamer – Ninja also recognized the new emote.

This made him pause for a bit before he went on stating that it's 100 percent CDN's.

Ceez, on the other hand, went on thanking the Epic development team for putting up such homage. He even went deep about this on his recent YouTube vlog as he stated that the meaning of life has something to do with the number 42. It just so happened that it is the level players need to reach in order for them to unlock the new emoticon.

Invisible gun glitch

Meanwhile, Epic has announced that the bug that prevents players' wins from being recorded on their stats has been resolved. However, the game maker pointed out that the wins earned by players during the bug will not be added to their stats.

Now that this issue has been straightened out, some players are expressing their concerns about the so-called invisible gun glitch that has been plaguing their gameplay.

They claim that whenever the game-breaking bug happens, they are rendered helpless and wait for someone to just eliminate them. Epic stated that they are well aware of this issue and are now investigating the bug. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: