"Fortnite" players are as of late trying out some crazy ideas with "Fortnite's" third season. With the introduction of Turbo Building, players may have discovered a new way of putting up structures in the third-person shooter.

Turbo Building + Rocket Ride = Rocket Building

A "Fortnite" fan (Evhan -_-) recently took to his YouTube channel to show a fun way of building within the game using the new feature. According to the short clip, this cool trick requires a rocket launcher and the new Turbo Building function, not to mention that it also needs two players to pull it off.

The first player must have the rocket launcher equipped and it is aimed towards the other player that is about to build. If everything is all set, do the rocket ride and watch the other player literally pave the way.

In just a couple of days, the video has raked in quite a number of views (over 70,000 at the time of writing) and received a hefty sum of likes from the gaming community. The trick was so ingenious that it was posted over on "Fortnite's" official Twitter account.

In line with this, the new and improved building mechanics has allowed players to build on trees with ease. Someone even took to FortniteBR's subreddit to show what the tweaked feature can do and at the same time thanked Epic for this QoL update.

The devs in return commended such a build.

They're currently working on it

Meanwhile, players have been expressing their concerns about a new bug where players' win record is not being counted on their stats. Also, there are some claiming that the game does not allow them to fill some of their empty slots.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that players will have their wins recorded.

Epic then responded in a tweet that they are both aware of these ongoing issues and will provide updates to their player base once they've gathered more information about it.

Other known issues in BR mode that were highlighted by Epic include:

  • Inability of players to edit a player-built structure (In rare cases)

Workaround: Pressing the edit button on an adjacent structure does the trick

  • ShadowPlay Highlights cause the game to crash in the frontend menus (In rare cases)

Workaround: Updating to GeForce Experience's latest version will prevent it from happening

  • Loots from Supply Drops spawn in the sky and slowly fall down when being shot down
  • Microphones that are hooked up to controllers tend to get muted whenever players change their audio volume. (Both BR and STW)

Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: