Hype levels among "Fortnite" players were high as Epic Games recently teased the Jetpack to be an upcoming item in its Battle Royale mode. However, the developer might have seen some flaws in it that made them decide to put its release on hold.

No Jetpack this week...Have some Hunting Rifle instead

Per Epic Games' latest forum post, the supposed release of the Jetpack will be bogged down. The game maker further explained that they've detected a last-minute design issue within the upcoming item, though they assured its gaming community that they're currently working on it to have it fixed.

Epic was quick enough to issue a replacement as they've announced that they'll be dishing out the Hunting Rifle this week instead. They went on stating that "Fortnite" players will "be able to enjoy lots of no-scopes" with the upcoming weapon alongside a "lucky point of interest" on the map.

This announcement was also posted on the FortniteBR subreddit and most of the players who took notice of it were perfectly fine about these last-minute changes. As always, Epic was commended by its player base for being transparent and honest about what's going on within the game while there are some who expressed their concerns about the constant game crashes and lags that have been plaguing the title recently.

Double pump technique is back?

In other "Fortnite" news, it looks like the double pump technique hasn't left the game, albeit the fact that it was already patched by Epic. The latest iteration of the technique may be a bit tricky but known Twitch streamer/competitive gamer Daequan Loco proved that it can be done.

Per Dae's recent YouTube video, he started off by shooting the first shotgun and then went on switching to his other shotgun.

He stated that as soon as the pump sound was heard, this is the signal to fire the second shot and switch back again to the first shotgun before repeating the process. He further explained that rhythm is the key for this to be pulled off, not to mention a bit of practice is also needed.

Prior to the tutorial, he pointed out that several players helped him in figuring this trick out (iMG Flexin, Camnuts, and Mouse Pix).

Additionally, he also made it clear that this new double pump may not be as lethal as its predecessor, but it can still deal some serious amount of damage to other opponents. Check out the video of Daequan's "Fortnite" gameplay and see how it's below.