Rare, the estimable Leicestershire game studio behind such legendary hits as “007 Goldeneye for Nintendo 64, and the “Donkey Kong Country series, is launching their latest title on March 20, 2018.

According to Rare, “Sea Of Thieves” is a historically based game set in the age of sail with a "distinctly painterly art style". It takes place in a fictional archipelago consisting of dozens of small to medium-sized islands, as well as random hazards. Populating this sea are your fellow pirates, who can either help or thwart your quest for gold and grog, and a veritable army of animated skeletons.

Rare brings its iconic humor to the game, primarily in the form of the healing food of choice - bananas. Longtime fans of “Donkey Kong Country” will, no doubt, appreciate that little nod to the past.

Sail alone or with a crew

The polish and detail of the game, at this current state, are quite high. Small touches, such as a selection of musical instruments available to entertain (or annoy) your crew, contribute to the ambiance of this lush world. Pirates can team up with three other players on a mighty galleon or choose to go it alone in a small sloop. Whichever path you choose, most of your time will be spent hunting for treasures or slicing your way through the hoard of skeletons. Bounty offices are set up in select outpost islands that will allow you to choose which sort of adventure you would like to start with.

Once you have purchased your choice of treasure hunt or skeleton targeted adventure, you present your choice to your crew. If you are sailing solo, then you simply select the one you want and off you hunt. On the other hand, if you are sailing in a crew then each crew member may vote on the adventure they want to sail on.

Keep a weather eye open on the high seas

Meeting other ships on the high seas can be a chaotic experience. Depending on the motivation of the crews, it could be something as simple as waving while you pass, or it could turn into an explosive free for all. So long as the treasure you have dug up remains on your ship, it is subject to theft.

The enemy crew can either sink your ship and collect the floating treasure afterward, or they can literally load themselves into their own cannons and fly over to your ship. This last case leads to exciting hand-to-hand style combat on board your ship. The winner will end up with the treasure and hope to sail themselves safely to the nearest outpost to sell it. Or they could find themselves fighting for their very lives when they meet up with the next ship of pirates sailing the Sea of Thieves.

“Sea of Thieves” will be available on Windows 10 and Xbox One March 20, 2018.