pic Games is definitely on a grind right now as updates for "Fortnite" seem to arrive more frequently than ever. Now that the contents of the game's season 3 Battle Pass have been teased, the game maker also revealed that they've got something in store for their colorblind faithfuls.

Great news for 'Fortnite' folks with CVD

Details about this came to fruition when a player/Redditor (pxmatt) who claims to be color blind recently took to FortniteBR's subreddit to request for an option that would cater such visual impediment. The player further explained that he just can't tell in a quick grab if the weapons that he's getting is either a blue or purple.

Epic then took notice of the said post as they responded to that player's request. According to the game developer, the first iteration of the colorblind settings is slated to drop in the next update alongside another update that will deal with the rarity colors on item pickups. They added that 3.0 will be having a so-called "experimental colorblind mode" as it will run as a post process across the game's surface. It will then shift and redistribute the colors as it is based on the player's chosen color deficiency.

Some players are a bit worried that Epic might implement a whole color shift just like what "Overwatch" did.

Epic replied stating that this upcoming feature will shift all colors adding that it's very much different from Blizzard's team-based first-person shooter.

Other bugs

Meanwhile, other players are complaining about disappearing crosshairs and some door glitches where the door never closes while some gamers claim that their opponents simply run through it and begin shooting at them.

Epic also responded to such concern stating that they are currently looking into these and hoping that these bugs be addressed in the upcoming patch.

As mentioned, "Fortnite's" Season 3 Battle Pass has been announced and Epic has detailed the upcoming changes in the game. Among the 30 additional tiers are the introduction of three new cosmetics – loading screens, back blings, and skydiving FX trails.

Per Epic's Technical Lead Pete Nub, the back bling will be like a regular backpack but will have no direct effect on the players' inventory. The developer also teased in a tweet how a skydiving FX trail would look like as it featured a short clip where the character streaks down with fiery trails on both his hands and feet.

There's no definite date on when Season 3 would arrive, though it is believed to go live later this week. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: