"Fortnite" is indeed life for a player that recently uploaded his gameplay on the web. The fellow displayed some impressive skills within the match as he played (and won) it without even moving forward.


Twitch streamer and YouTuber Bobby BoJanglles posted a video on his YT channel as it featured his most recent "Fortnite" gameplay. Unlike the typical upload, the streamer seemed to have challenged himself with this one as he disabled the "Move Forward" setting on his keyboard before entering the match.

The four-minute clip was a bit of a pain to watch as his character can only move sideways and back.

Bobby even posted it to FortniteBR's subreddit as some of the members of the said community commented that the video gave them anxiety.

He showed some mad skills though during the match as part of the highlight reels include a long-distance snipe, not to mention that the opponent is behind a wall. Bobby even claimed that this was just his second attempt at completing the challenge.

This is not the first time he handicapped himself in playing "Fortnite." A couple of days ago, he played (and won again) a match where he aimlessly fired his weapon for other players to know where he's at. Also, about a week ago, he also won a match where he only allowed himself to build spiral staircases and half arches.

That being said, Bobby is as of late thinking of playing a so-called "autorun always on" challenge as it was suggested by a member of the community.


Meanwhile, patch notes for "Fortnite's" v.2.5.0 update has been released. Part of the update was the introduction of the Impulse Grenade in Battle Royale that sends enemies flying in mid-air.

Alongside this new item are several weapon balances and other improvements which include:

  • Medium ammo for the Revolver
  • Drop chances for Crossbow, Minigun, and Chug Jug were decreased by 20, 12.5, and 15 percent respectively.
  • Magazine size and firing rate for the Tactical Submachine Gun were increased to 35 and 13 respectively.
  • White, green, and blue SMG will be removed from BR and will be heading into the vault.
  • The Scoped Assault Rifle is perfectly accurate while scoped. However, its headshot damage was nerfed from 250 percent down to 200 percent.

The game's Save the World mode will be getting Dragon weapons, Lunar New Year Heroes, and a "Spring It On!" event.

They also made some clarifications with its Season 3 Battle Pass as they pointed out that it can now be purchased using V-bucks instead of real-world money. Epic added that players who availed of the Season 2 BP will be getting a five-tier bonus if they will buy the Season 3 BP. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: