Did the buzz around the crossbow or the chug jug finally get you to download Fortnite? Were your friends talking it up so much you had to try it? Are you totally frustrated by how quickly you're dying? Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the game more and have you well on your way to your first Victory Royale.

Group up

If you're just starting out, it's best to play in a duo or squad. The name of the game is survival, and you always have a better chance of that in a group. Make sure you jump off the bus and explore together. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the group.

Also, if one player does go down, another one in the group can quickly come over and revive him. Like most groups, communication is key. Come up with a rough plan and work on it together.

Hit the town

One of the great benefits of grouping up is you all can peruse one of the many towns on the map. These neighborhoods have an abundance of weapons, ammo, traps, and other goodies. It's the exact reason why they are very popular. If you can get the upper hand in the area, you get all the loot and a bunch of quick kills to improve your stats.

All that being said, avoid Junk Junction. It is usually one of the furthest spots from the safe zone and the loot there doesn't make it worth the trek.

Circle of life

Speaking of the safe zone, always pull up the map and keep an eye on that shrinking circle. That storm can come upon you quickly. Don't get wrapped up in gathering resources or you will find yourself inside the storm before you know it.

Bonus tip: When heading for the edge of the circle, don't take the straight line unless you are short on time.

Taking a more circuitous route around the circle will make sure you don't walk into a possible ambush.

Drink up

As a beginning player, potions are your friend. They can give you added health which means added survival. If you can get your hands on a chug jug, they are worth their weight in gold. The legendary consumable gives you max health and shield.

Just be sure to find a good hiding place as it takes 15 seconds to drink it.

Annie get your gun

If there's one weapon a noob needs, it's a shotgun. It will save you in those close battles, and you don't have to be as accurate as you would need to be with a pistol or revolver. And don't skip over those ammo boxes because you can never have enough ammo.

Let's get chopping

While combat is the most exciting part of Fortnite, don't forget to gather your wood, brick, and metal as you go. You should use these for a couple of things. First, you can use it to create ramps and slopes to help you get around the different terrain much easier. Also, you can use these resources to create a base for you and your group.

This will come in handy as the numbers and the safe zone shrinks.

It's a trap

When you get down to the final few, there's one thing to be aware of. There will be supply drops in the safe zone which have weapons, ammo and more. Don't go for it. Some players may camp out there and pick off players as they try to grab the loot.

Hopefully, these tips will get you on your way to victory, or at least help you enjoy the game a bit more. Let me know, in the comments, if you have some tips that can help new players.