As the years pass us by, our taste in entertainment inevitably changes; which is why when we see our most beloved childhood franchises living on in other mediums we are filled with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and bliss. 'Hot Wheels' have been the iconic Diecast metal cars since they entered the toy market in 1968, but as technology grows, kids are no longer playing with physical toy cars - they're playing with virtual ones. But just because times change, it doesn't mean the fun needs to.

'Rocket League'

We have seen some absolute amazing video game releases in the past few years.

Arguably, the sports-styled arena game 'Rocket League' tops this list. Its release gathered a loyal fan base within days, and the community is still growing to this day. This is mainly because of the game developers' constant updating and improving of the maps, game modes, but most notably, the cars. Which is where 'Hot Wheels' steps in.

'Hot Wheels' collaboration

'Hot Wheels' have always collaborated with other franchises, and nothing says a match made in heaven like 'Hot Wheels' and 'Rocket League.' The two go together like bread and butter. Physical toy cars and virtual toy cars can exist seamlessly in both realms. As 'Hot Wheels' grows its catalog, 'Rocket League' can also do the same, which is why the new release from 'Hot Wheels' has gaming fans and toy collectors alike going wild.

What has happened

The toy car company 'Hot Wheels' announced that it is making a new play set, designed around the iconic game 'Rocket League.' The set will be complete with a pitch, a ball, car charging stations, and a couple of cars to battle with. The excitement for fans of both franchises comes from the translation of the game to reality, as 'Hot Wheels' have paid serious attention to capturing the adrenaline-fuelled action that the game 'Rocket League' delivers.

The style and design of the set look appealing for all ages, which could be Mattel trying to target a slightly older age demographic and capitalizing on the popularity of the video game markets.

The features

'Rocket League' has some interesting features that make it so appealing to gamers. 'Hot Wheels' have definitely done their research into what fans love about the game as they have included the actual car designs from 'Rocket League' in the set; as well as providing the iconic ball for the cars to bounce around.

The set works with the same rules as 'Rocket League' so a point is scored when the ball passes passed the goal line. The goal scoring technology is handled by a Bluetooth link in the ball and goals, so fans can re-live the victorious feeling of scoring a long shot from half court, or saving the ball off the line as the clock ticks down.

There is currently no set price for the set, but needless to say, this will be at the top of the wish list for gamers, kids, and collectors for months to come. There are endless possibilities that these two franchises can branch into using each others' assets. This is a step towards bringing the virtual worlds into the physical, and seeing more people engaging in real life interactions and not through digital space.