Epic Games is probably one of the most responsive game makers in the industry, not to mention that they are open to players' suggestions and feedback. That being said, it looks like they are considering some ideas being pitched in by the "Fortnite" community.

'Elimination Animation'

Over a week ago, some "Fortnite" faithfuls took to FortniteBR's subreddit to share some ideas with the community and at the same time hoping that Epic would notice them. These players suggested some nifty cosmetics which are too good to pass on.

A Redditor (Ken_the_Andal) posted a lengthy suggestion as it detailed what he calls an "Elimination Animation." He even listed some of these in his post and it has gained quite a number of upvotes from the subreddit community.

Here are some of the death emotes that he has in mind:

  • A "demon hand" that pulls down the fallen hero into the ground
  • An angel that will swoop down and pick up the eliminated player
  • A black hole that would appear above the player and pulls him in
  • Quicksand that swallows the eliminated player
  • Fallen players turning into gravestones that would eventually fade away
  • Players encased in a coffin and then quickly fall to the ground
  • Larger version of the current animation making it look like a flying saucer

The fan further explained that these can either be bought or earned through gameplay.

This pitch was not left unnoticed as a staff from Epic made a comment about it commending the creativity behind the idea adding that it was already "sent over to some folks for visibility."

In the works

Another Redditor (Hanshee) hinted a "Stupid" idea for the game maker as he proposed a rock paper scissors emote for "Fortnite." It looks like such cosmetic is already down the pipeline as a representative from Epic revealed that they've been talking about it for weeks now, though it hasn't been done yet.

Epic's latest State of Dev blog post has teased several upcoming cosmetics in the game. One of which is the Llama Unicorn Pickaxe for the Brite Bomber. For the uninitiated, it was just an idea that was brought up by Reddit user Pandanapper and is now making its way to "Fortnite."

Meanwhile, the developer has responded to feedback regarding the skill-based matchmaking feature that was hinted at the recent State of Dev.

Epic stated that they'll be sorting through all the feedback as they re-evaluate the next steps they'll be taking. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: