Epic Games has recently rolled out some game tweaks that brought in some much-awaited map updates in "Fortnite." That being said, the developer has yet again announced that they've made another set of changes in the game that include some hotfixes on the recently discovered map exploit.

Friendly Fire: off

Epic's Lead Systems Designer Eric Williamson tweeted what he calls a "snowed-in" edition of their dev update. The latest installment of the update highlighted three important topics to be discussed, which include Friendly Fire, a map exploit, and Battle Pass.

On the recently discovered map exploit

Per Williamson, he revealed that they disabled "Fortnite's" friendly fire over the weekend to alleviate the instances of team kills during a match. He added that they are as of late gathering feedback from the community as some players believe that this tweak will have a negative impact on the game's competitive gameplay.

He also pointed out that they've already identified the cause of a map glitch that has been used by some players to mess around with the game. Williamson added that they've implemented a hotfix for this and went on saying that gamers who were reported to have been exploiting it will be sanctioned.

Battle Pass bonuses were also explained in the short clip.

Players who bought "Fortnite's" Season 2 Battle Pass are out to receive free five tiers on the third season's Battle Pass. Williamson added that they are currently offering players a Battle Pass Tier Bundle where faithfuls can get 10 tiers for the price of six.

Meanwhile, Epic has released an update regarding "Fortnite" Battle Royale's matchmaking issues where players are constantly getting an error message while trying to enter a match.

The game maker stated that the bus was "low on BluGlo" and has somehow fixed the problem. They gave a heads up though, that players may encounter a so-called "waiting room queue" while joining a match.

What about us?

MacOS users, on the other hand, have been calling out Epic Games for quite a while now to resolve their concerns about the game (usual lags and fps drops while on skydive).

These issues have been irking them for the longest time and they were given the impression that the game maker is avoiding them.

However, after the recent map update was rolled out, MacOS players claimed that the crosshair bug has been fixed, though the other mentioned issues are yet to be resolved. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: