Studio WildCard's latest installment of its Community Crunch has disclosed a hefty sum of upcoming events and updates for "ARK: Survival Evolved." Part of the blog post was an advisory that the second wave of the so-called legacy server kill list has been finalized as players are told to prep up before they can proceed with the deletion of such servers.

Going gone

According to Wildcard, the "ARK" population has transitioned from legacy to non-legacy servers and this move resulted in servers with an extremely low population. They pointed out though that these underpopulated servers will be replaced with new ones on the non-legacy network adding that this will be implemented on all major platforms.

The devs further explained that legacy servers not deemed "low pop" will remain as such and will not be taken down.

The developer has already drafted the servers that are slated to be removed per platform. They also gave players who are still utilizing these servers some leeway time to make the necessary preparations to move their contents onto a server that is not on the hitlist. Per Wildcard, the server wipe will on March 9 at 12:00 AM EST.

Meanwhile, the turret nerf is already in full effect as it was previously announced by Wildcard.

This means that the defensive turrets within the game will be "hard-number" limited to 100. Additionally, players can only build these within a 10-kilometer unit radius. It was also stated that the limit will disable the turrets that exceed the limit at random.

Croc TLC

Community Crunch 118 also revealed that the massive croc - the Sarcosuchus (Sarco to most "ARK" players) - will be part of the Dino TLC phase 2.

It has been highly requested, by the player base, to have the creature tweaked and it looks like it will finally come to fruition. The prehistoric reptilian has also been confirmed to be getting new attack moves which include the death roll, a short lunge attack, and a 180-degree attack.

The Mated Boost – a Valentine-themed event – was also announced as the upcoming activity will kick off this coming February 13 and will run for 48 hours.

It was also noted that the event will allow tamed creatures to have a five percent chance to drop a chocolate cake whenever they mate. Additionally, white, pink, and red colored creatures will be spotted during the event as they search for their respective partners Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: