Studio Wildcard previously teased the upcoming contents within the Dino TLC. With that said, the devs have recently rolled out the tentative patch notes for "ARK: Survival Evolved's" TLC Phase 1 for PC. Alongside this was an advisory regarding the upcoming Turret changes that will both go live this weekend.

Heads up survivors

Per Wildcard Jat's recent forum post, "ARK's" turrets will be "hard-number limited to 100." As soon as this is applied into the game on February 10, players can only put up the mentioned number of turrets within a 10-kilometer unit radius.

Jat pointed out, though, that for players with an existing set up of turrets exceeding the said limit, those setups will still work until February 18 (hard limit will be enabled by then). He went on to state that the hard limit will randomly turn off the turrets that exceed the limit.

As mentioned, the post also detailed the tentative patch notes for Dino TLC's first phase. It was revealed early on that prehistoric beasts – Gigantopithecus (Bigfoot), Direwolf, Procoptodon, Direbear, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex will be getting substantial tweaks on both their appearance and abilities.

The updates were supposed to be dropped on February 18. However, it may well seem that Phase 1 of the TLC will be officially released tomorrow, February 10.

In line with this, Wildcard also revealed the progress of Dino TLC's second phase late last month.

However, they stated that it's still a work in progress as they only unveiled a couple of creatures to be reworked. Per the blog post, they are bound to tweak the prehistoric buzzard known as the Argentavis and the Spinosaur.

What was the fix for?

Meanwhile, the developer recently released a so-called vulnerability fix for PC (version 277).

The patch is set to provide a workaround for a "critical exploit" that has been with "ARK" since August 2015. Jat further explained that this exploit has been used by the game's PC community and the update will finally fix the long-standing issue.

Wildcard was supposed to implement what they call a "global tribe wipe," not to mention that players who took advantage of the glitch will be banned from playing "ARK." However, the exploit was so widespread among PC players that it pushed the game maker to give a "one-time amnesty" to them.

Jat went on stating that several mega-tribes have been using the glitch across several servers affecting the performance of the game.

Jat did not go into specifics as to what the exploit was. This left most players scratching their heads and at the same time, a bit irked by the fact that Wildcard let these players get away with it.

The first phase of the Dino TLC will be out on February 10. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: