For the past few months, Niantic has added waves of new creatures especially the Generation 3 Pokémon. Interestingly, each wave comes with its own surprises. Recently, new Generation 3 Pokémon were released. Among them were two new Shiny ones and two new regional Exclusive ones. The new shiny creatures which were added to the already extensive list of shiny Pokémon in the game are Swablu and its evolved form Altaria, while the new regional exclusive Pokémon added to the game are Illumise and Volbeat. A report by Gamer Rant provided a lot of the information used in this article.

New shiny creatures added to the game

A shiny Pokémon is what every Player wishes to get. It is a very rare variant colored version of Pokémon. Irrespective of the fact that there is no added advantage having a shiny Pokémon, many Players love it because it is absolutely rare. The latest released Generation 3 creatures added two shiny Pokémon to the roster. These two creatures are Swablu and its evolved form Altaria.

Swablu has a blue colored head with a white beak, white oval markings on its cheek and cotton-like wings that resemble clouds surrounding its body. It is a tier 1 raid boss Pokémon and requires 400 candies to evolve it into shiny Altaria. Swablu and its evolved form got a new shiny treatment in the new wave, thereby turning the blue bodied creature into a gold bodied bird.

Like other shiny ones, catching Swablu will be very difficult. Altaria is a potential raider and Pokedex filler. Although the dragon/ flying creature has low stats, CPV, and is barely recognized, it has a mega evolution.

New regional exclusive Pokémon in the latest Gen 3 release

Niantic also surprised "Pokémon GO" players with three new regional exclusive creatures, namely Illumise, Tropius, and Volbeat.

Although these three creatures are related, they can be found in different regions. Another regional exclusive Pokémon added to the game is the grass/ flying type known as Tropius. It is a fruit Pokémon with the four leaves on its back used for flight. This creature can be found near tropical jungles and is so hard to track down, although we are hopeful that Niantic may nail down its regional boundaries very soon.

Tropius is immune to the ground and its weaknesses include ice, fire, poison, and rock. Possibly, these creatures could be found near tropical jungles. With the latest release of new Generation 3 Pokémon, there are lots of creatures to catch. Therefore, players are advised to go out and catch them all.