"Warframe's" massive expansion - "Plains of Eidolon" was finally released for home consoles, but Digital Extremes does not stop there. The developer's recent stream provided details about the recent tweaks that they made including upcoming contents that they are currently working on.

Per "Warframe's" official site, DE's Devstream 101 was "gameplay and description-heavy." The latest live stream was packed with information about new Eidolon variants, Damage Proc changes, and upcoming Grineer mutations.

DE announced the recent changes that they did within "POE's" Bounty System.

Also, the developer revealed some of the tweaks that are currently in the pipeline.

Massive Megalyst

Some of the contents include an Eidolon Hunting matchmaking and a dynamic weather system. In line with this, the new Eidolon was also featured during the live stream and a lot of fans noticed that it's more massive than the current one. Dubbed as the Megalyst, the new Eidolon has a rock arm combined with new attacks. DE added that it will have a different combat style for players to have a different approach on how to deal with the powerful behemoth.

IPS changes

Meanwhile, the game's Impact, Puncture, and Slash Damage (IPS) were also discussed. DE stated that "the strength of each proc will now scale with the amount of damage players are dealing for that specific type."

With the scaling system, Puncture can make enemies "do up to 90% reduced damage based on player's weapon modding." As for Impact, this will cause enemies to stagger and will grow depending on player's output.

Meanwhile, DE wasn't able to disclose if there were any planned tweaks for Slash, though they said that they'd take a look at the number of Slash procs with the new scaling system.

Other upcoming content

Fan weapons were also teased during the stream. DE Art Director Geoff Crookes even revealed that these melee weapons will be rolled out this year alongside a new Tenno shotgun.

DE also announced that they've made some changes in Mirage's 2. Per the stream, hitting it spawns a gift for the enemies to open. The nasty surprise inside will depend on the light level. The gift releases a radial blind while in the light and explodes in the dark.

New Grineer troops were also teased and are equipped with weapons that will definitely pack a wallop against Tennos. These upcoming horrors include a Ghoul unit equipped with explosives, one with a buzzsaw, and there's also a Grineer rigged with dual flamethrowers.

The Devstream did mention the Umbra Waframe, that will be out sometime next year including a massive "Corpus-centric" update. They even went on, stating that three Warframes will be available in the next Prime Vault. Check out the recent stream below.