The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs” expansion pack was announced with a trailer at Electronic Arts’ Gamescom Press Conference in August this year. The pack looks absolutely adorable and the latest trailer gives further details what the video game aficionados can do with the Create-a-Pet system. A new gameplay trailer for this expansion pack shows how easy it is for the players to generate animal companions. Watch the trailer at the end of the article.

The latest trailer for “The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs” introduces the coastal shore of Brindleton Bay. This is a new world introduced in the upcoming expansion pack where your Sims and their pets can easily live and enjoy outdoor activities.

You can use new dresses, decorate with top hats to red bandanas, apply multi-colored stripes, etc. to make your pets unique and even cuter.

You can manage your own veterinary clinic

The highly anticipated expansion pack of “The Sims 4” will allow the players to extend their love to their four-legged companions. Building and managing veterinary clinic is one of the beautiful ways to extend love and care to the pets. You can also care for neighborhood pets as a veterinarian. Create-a-Pet tool will let you personalize cats and dogs with distinct behaviors, their unique appearance, and obviously expressive garments. In addition, you can hire dedicated employees to run your veterinary clinic and become a renowned vet in your town.

Pets such as cats and dogs will form special relationship with the Sims based on their daily interactions like training, timely feeding, playing games etc. On the other hand, smart dogs can easily learn tricks, vocal pets can even sing along with the masters, greedy dogs will consume an excess amount of food – all depend on which traits the dogs come out with.

Design your pets as you like

You can make your pets cuter by modifying their ears, faces (also paint feature will be available) and dress up in anything whatever modish you feel, Comicbook suggests. You can put hearts and strips all over your cats’ furs to make them unique and attractive. Overall the expansion pack will always be filled with fun to ensure that the players (mainly the pet lovers) can experience the pure essence of nurturing domestic animals at home.

Price and release details

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs” expansion pack can be pre-ordered from Origin for just $40. Initially, it will be launched for PC and Mac, but other platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can be used after seven days from its original launch. The pack is slated to release on November 10, 2017.