The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" reveal the official release dates for the sequel's "Royal Edition" and PC version. Square Enix launched two new trailers for the game featuring new bonus content, maps, boss monsters, and open-world activities. The Royal Edition was first spotted in the ESRB ratings and it is hinted to be the "Game of Year" version of the beloved sequel.

PC users, on the other hand, have been waiting for the Japanese publisher to announce the release date of the Windows Edition since last year. Game director Hajime Tabata talked about his dream version of "Final Fantasy" and his stance of having loot boxes in video games.

Release dates confirmed

According to Square Enix, "Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition" and the "Windows Edition" will launch on March 6 and both versions will have the same new DLC features as the original game.

The Royal Edition will have players fight new extra bosses such as Cerberus, the Omega Weapon, and the mysterious Rulers of Yores. The game will also allow players to explore new areas of Insomnia City and cruise around the ocean waves on the Royal Vessel.

The three DLC episodes and the "Comrades" online multiplayer mode will be featured on both versions, and players will no longer need to buy a season pass for them. Square Enix created these versions for video game fans who missed the chance to play the original game, especially PC users.

They will enjoy the graphical boost and the higher resolution the PC version offers, and they will not require a high-end computer to install the game.

"FFXV" director Hajime Tabata told Endgadget in a previous interview that PC mods are possible in the Window Edition as his team wanted to challenge themselves to separate the PC version from the consoles.

PC mods have been a popular feature in PC games, allowing players to create content.

Loot Boxes and 'dream' game teased

Tabata talked about his stance on adding loot boxes to video games as he told Xbox Magazine UK (via SegmentNext) that he has no problems with the practice, but that developers should be careful with their implementations.

"I have nothing against them, but I think that the creators of the loot boxes should be careful on how to use them," Tabata said.

The "FFXV" director also shared his dream vision for the next sequel, as he wants players to have complete freedom with unlimited resources at their disposal. An unnamed 4Chan user claimed that Square Enix is working on a new game called "Final Fantasy Versus XV," and it is said to take place in an alternate reality from the original game with three areas to explore, a "Kingdom Hearts" style gameplay, and the return of an original character, Stella.