Nike, together with Sony and small forward Paul George, have collaborated to create the PlayStation sneakers. If you are a Playstation fan you will love these shoes. Paul George has been a gamer and fan of PlayStation ever since he was a kid. These new sneakers will be officially called the PlayStation colorway. This is not George's first signature shoe either. His first was the PG1. The PG2 is a follow up to it. Nike and the PlayStation team worked directly with each other. This collaboration provided the galaxy graphic seen on the sock liner of the sneaker.


The tongues feature the PG and PlayStation logos. Each sneaker will have one logo on each one. The tongues will also light-up. The lights can be turned on and off through the buttons inside the tongues. Just like the dual shock controller the sneakers vibrate. Through the pulse mode, the lights can flicker. One drawback is that the batteries aren't replaceable. They only have a 150-hour lifespan. You might not want to leave the lights on all the time. If you buy a pair you can download the galaxy graphic for your PS4 console. All you have to do is redeem the PSN voucher code embedded on the back of the left shoe.

Other facts

The sneaker colors pay homage to the colors of the buttons on the DualShock four controller.

The blue rubber soles also glow in the dark. The shoes feature bigger Nike Zoom Air units for added comfort. They will be available February 10th for $110. The Dualshock controller symbols are featured on the back of the shoes. These shoes are a big step up from the previous PG1 sneakers. They didn't have all the bells and whistles of the PG2's.

The PG1 was created in collaboration with "NBA 2K17's" developer. The shoes were simply called the 2K. The shoes only had a sock liner featuring George's avatar from the game.

The PG2 sneakers aren't the only shoes based on a console. Vans and Nintendo collaborated to create shoes featuring their popular characters. Then in 2015, Sega released shoes in Japan.

Creating shoes in partnership with Nike and Sony is a dream come true for George. As a kid, he would draw what he wanted his line of Nike shoes to look like. Gaming has always inspired him on the court. When he was a kid, if he saw something cool in a game, he would try to do it on the court. His first PlayStation console was the PS2. These might be the coolest shoes since the Nike Air Mags. They are also more affordable. If you love limited edition items these sneakers are for you.