"Tera" is finally coming to the PS4 this year. En Masse Entertainment is currently working on a console version of the popular MMORPG. No exact release date has been given yet. However, there was an open beta for the game on the PS4 a week ago. But it was only open to those who participated in the first one. "Tera" will be free to download. The game will not be cross-platform. It will be as close to the pc version as possible.

What is 'Tera?'

"Tera" was released to the PC in 2011. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bluehole Studio.It is a truly free-to-play game.You can experience all the content of the game without paying a dime.You won't need money to be any class you want.

Nor will you need money to be the best player you can be. Money will not limit what you can do in the game. But if you want a mount, accessories, or costumes you will have to spend money.

There are seven races to choose from in "Tera": aman, baraka, castanic, elin, high elf, human, and popori. When their hp is below 30 percent the amani take 10 percent less pvp damage.The baraka have a resistance to stuns. The castanics take 50 percent less damage from falling.The signature classes of the elin are the reaper and ninja. Humans take less pvp damage.


There are 13 classes to choose from. Each class has their strengths and weaknesses.The archer has over 20 skills. Their primary weapon is the bow.

Archers can use different types of arrows like exploding arrows. Unlike the archer, the berserker wears heavy armor. That is why they can take a lot of punishment.Their main weapon is the ax. It is good for offense and defense. A lancer uses a shield that protects him and those around him.They wear heavy armor too.

Mystics can heal, summon, and curse their enemies.Their primary weapon is the scepter.

They can dispel buffs and debuffs.Valkyries wear light armor and use a runeglaive. Priests can heal, cure, and raise the dead.They can inflict plagues upon their enemies and use lightning. Their main weapon is the staff.Slayers wield a sword and use light armor. The sorcerer uses a disc to cast their spells and deal out damage.

The warrior wields twin blades and wears light armor.This class is more for close combat.They use speedy attacks and misdirect opponents.There is one class that isn't available until you reach level 50.That class is the reaper. The gunner is only available to the castanic and high-elf females.